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    Support and dispatch services around the clock. Our security guards are available and ready to deploy. Contact us for the peace of mind you require.

    Best in the industry

    Our security guards are trained and held accountable to be the best in the industry. We guarantee our high level of security services tailored to your needs.

    Reliable Security Guards

    Our professional and highly trained security guards will protect the safety of your site You can always rely on our professional security guard services.

    Best In The Industry

    VP Security Guards promises Keeping you safe, always on guard

    Armed security guard services

    Professionally trained armed officers ensuring your safety in high pressure and dangerous situations

    Unarmed Security Guards

    Officers with the skill set and training to prevent and deter crime in every setting

    Marked Vehicle Patrol Security

    Consistent visibility and vigilance in a marked vehicle will ensure safety and deter crime

    Fire Watch Security Guards

    Specialized officers with the experience to prevent fires, detect hazards and comply with fire watch protocols

    Construction Site Security Guards

    Highly trained and vigilant officers deterring crime, vandalism and theft with consistent and frequent patrols.

    Warehouse Security Guards

    Specialized officers preventing unauthorized access and protecting employees and inventory
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    VP Security Guards promises to be your first line of defense against all threats.



    We prioritize safety and peace of mind by providing top-notch security services. Our trained team ensures your property and assets are protected, whether you’re a homeowner, business owner, or event planner. Trust us for your safety.






      We take security seriously, so you don't have to

      Decades of Experience

      Management and supervisors with decades of experience in the security industry

      Highly Trained Guards

      Guards trained by ex- military and law enforcement officers

      Modern Technology

      Accountability and training through modern technology

      Selective Hiring Practices

      Hiring and deploying the right security officer for the right job

        About VP Security Guards

        VP Security Guards is a security company that seamlessly blends customer service with comprehensive security solutions. Our dedicated professionals possess diverse backgrounds in business, military, and law enforcement, enabling us to deliver customized security services tailored to each client’s needs. We prioritize personalization, open communication, and investment in training to provide unmatched security solutions.

        Our commitment to training distinguishes us, with proficient guards in the latest security procedures and techniques. We take pride in our exceptional guards and world-class services. Our team embraces the responsibility of safeguarding clients’ people, assets, and reputation, utilizing cutting-edge technology for comprehensive security solutions.

        We actively support local communities and charities, participating in associations and training programs to stay ahead of industry trends, empowering our clients with the most effective security solutions. VP Security Guards’ unwavering commitment to excellence, integrity, and community makes us the preferred security partner for businesses and organizations.

        Why Choose VP Security Guards

        Opting for VP Security Guards means top-tier security solutions and outstanding customer care. We boast expertly trained security professionals, tailored services, open communication, and advanced technology.

        Our rigorous selection and training ensure elite guards join our team, providing premier security. We collaborate with clients to develop custom security strategies for their unique needs.

        Transparent communication builds trust, enabling unparalleled security services. By investing in state-of-the-art technology, we equip our guards with essential tools to protect clients’ assets effectively.

        With steadfast integrity and professionalism, VP Security Guards is your reliable partner for comprehensive security services, delivering peace of mind and expertly addressing your security requirements.


        Frequently Asked Questions

        We are always here to help
        • What security solutions does VP Security Guards provide?

          VP Security Guards delivers a comprehensive selection of security solutions, encompassing armed and unarmed security, vehicle patrol security, fire watch security, construction site security, and warehouse security. We tailor our security strategies to cater to each client's specific requirements.

        • Are the security guards at VP Security Guards licensed and well-trained?

          Absolutely, all of our security personnel hold licenses, possess training, and demonstrate expertise in delivering exceptional security services. We guarantee that our guards adhere to state and federal regulations while continually updating their skills and knowledge through ongoing training.

        • What are the charges for your security services?

          Our security service charges depend on the nature and duration of the services required. We pride ourselves on offering competitive prices and will gladly provide a complimentary quote upon request.

        • Is it possible to adapt security plans to accommodate my particular needs?

          Indeed, we can modify our security strategies to align with your specific requirements. Our security consultants will collaborate with you to evaluate your security needs and devise a customized plan that addresses your concerns.

        • What is your protocol for managing emergency situations?

          In emergencies, our security personnel are equipped to handle the situation with professionalism and effectiveness. They will take the necessary measures to safeguard individuals and property and promptly report the incident to our dispatch center for additional support.

        • What is your availability and response time during emergencies?

          We maintain a 24/7 availability to address emergency situations. Our response time is subject to the location and nature of the emergency; however, we prioritize emergency calls and endeavor to react as swiftly as possible to ensure our clients' safety.

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