Patrol Security During Construction

Vigilant Private Security employs an innovative, reliable and effective system ensuring that construction sites are safe and secure, and that construction management can focus on the task of constructing. A security consultant will meet with construction management and devise a security plan and post orders according to the client’s needs. Well trained Security Officers will execute the post orders and will be supervised through various electronic equipment and frequent visits by supervisors with decades of experience in the security industry.

Construction SitesVigilant Private Security understands that vigilant, alert and visible security officers will prevent most crime and vandalism before it happens.  Professional thieves and vandals are normally looking for easy targets.  They normally scout a target and will look for an easier one if they see that a construction site is patrolled by a security guard that is frequently moving and alert.

It is the security company’s responsibility to ensure that security officers are frequently patrolling the site and are always visible and alert. An alert and visible security guard will never have to interject, because he prevents crime before it even happens.