Why hire security guards?

One of the questions people frequently ask is why to still hire security guards with all the technological improvements in the last two decades. Almost every business today has numerous different alarm systems installed. The smallest retail stores and residential properties have surveillance cameras that record around the clock. While cameras, alarm systems, motion detectors and many other technological advancements have become integral parts of providing security for properties and businesses they have not diminished, but changed the role of a security guard.

A camera system will record and alert if a crime is being committed, but it will not stop a business from being burglarized or vandalized. An alarm system will alert the police if an intruder enters the premises unauthorized, but it will not stop perpetrators from stealing property or important files. Many times, police will not respond or respond very slowly to business alarms. In times of budget crisis police and government have limited resources at their disposal. Many times an alarm triggered at a business will be the least important call a police station will get at the time. Police officers will either be dispatched very late or not at all.

Public Safety Security Guards

Fire watches are required by the fire department if the water or the fire alert system is not working for some reason. In that case a security officer must provide a fire watch by frequently patrolling the property and alerting the fire department in case of fire or smoke. If an employee of a business is physically threatened the police will advise the business to file a restraining order against the person, who threatened the employee. That means if the perpetrator makes good on his threat he will be arrested and charged with violating the restraining order, but it does provide too much peace of mind or security for the person threatened. In that case it is invaluable working with a security company that will provide well trained, professional and experienced
security guards.

The role of a security guard has changed immensely, but if anything, technological developments have made security guards more efficient and more important than ever. The role of private security guards will increase in the future as public budgets are cut and as police will continue focusing on larger threats. Businesses will find that technology will secure their interests and property to a limit. It becomes more imperative to work with a security company that will advise on and plan for potential threats. A good security company will utilize all available technology at their disposal to help a security guard protecting the client’s property and his interests.