About ten percent of security guards in Dallas are licensed to carry a fire arm. In many cases customers under distress or after traumatic events would like to hire an armed security guard. Many security companies provide service as the client requests it without asking too many questions and without giving good advice. In Texas armed security guards are only allowed to use their weapon if they are confronted with deadly force. That means in most cases the security guard would not be allowed to use his weapon and the presence of a fire arm only embellishes a situation or creates an added liability.

A good security consultant will ask questions about the situation a client is facing and make a recommendation accordingly. In many cases clients request an armed security guard for a job where the armed security guard is supposed to observe and report. As an example a warehouse that has recently been broken into in a good neighborhood is a simple observe and report job. The client requires a security guard to watch the warehouse until an alarm system is installed. The security guards’ responsibility is to observe the warehouse and to report suspicious activity to the police immediately. In this case it does not make any difference if the security guard is armed or not. Hiring an armed security guard costs significantly more and the client pays the additional money for no apparent reason.

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Sometimes business managers require a security officer, because they are laying off employees or threats have been made by a previous employee. It is important to describe the situation to an experienced security professional and to listen to his recommendation. It might not be necessarily advisable to hire an armed security guard if there is no history of violence or threats of violence have not been made. Hiring an armed security just in case sends the wrong message to existing employees and might create problems where there are none.

It is extremely important to share all aspects of the situation with the security consultant. In some cases it is highly advisable to hire an armed security guard. If there has been a history of violence or if there are substantiated threats the security guard must be armed. For example if a laid off employee threatens to bring a gun and shoot someone the security guard should be armed and able to interject. A good security company will let clients talk to an experienced security consultant. As long as the client shares all information the security consultant will be able to make a recommendation if the security guard should be armed or unarmed.

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