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Armed Security Guards in Texas: Regulations and Policies

Last Updated February 11, 2024

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Armed security guards in Texas are allowed to use their guns in certain circumstances, as outlined in the Texas Penal Code. According to Section 9.22 of the Texas Penal Code, the use of deadly force is permitted to protect oneself or others against imminent harm of death or serious bodily injury, or to prevent the commission of a violent felony.

Armed Security Guards – Federal Laws and Regulations

Armed security guards in Texas are subject to federal laws that regulate the ownership and use of firearms, such as the Gun Control Act of 1968 and the National Firearms Act of 1934. These laws impose restrictions on the sale, possession, and use of firearms, including certain types of firearms, background checks for individuals purchasing firearms, and more.

Security guards in Fort Worth are integral to maintaining safety and order while aligning with the stringent regulations and policies surrounding armed security in Texas. Their vigilant presence ensures the protection of businesses, residences, and public areas, adhering to the state’s guidelines. These professionals are highly trained, equipped with the expertise necessary to deter threats, monitor premises, and respond promptly to emergencies. Beyond merely safeguarding properties, they instill a reassuring sense of security among residents and visitors. Whether patrolling neighborhoods, securing events, or providing access control for businesses, Fort Worth security guards serve as a vital component of armed security solutions in Texas, embodying professionalism and commitment in every aspect of their service.

Licensing and Training Requirements

Armed security guards in Texas are subject to specific licensing and training requirements established by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS). The licensing process involves a thorough background check and applicants must meet a minimum age requirement.

To become a licensed armed security guard, individuals must complete training programs approved by the DPS and obtain a certification. These training programs cover various topics such as firearm safety, conflict resolution, emergency response procedures, and legal aspects of the job.

Firearm Regulations

Texas allows armed security guards to carry specific types of firearms for their duties. The particular firearms permitted are outlined in the regulations. Additionally, the regulations also provide guidelines for the storage and transportation of firearms to ensure safe handling and prevent unauthorized access.

Armed security guards are trained on the proper use of lethal force. Regulations specify the procedures and circumstances under which lethal force can be used for self-defense or protection of others. These guidelines emphasize the importance of using force only as a last resort and proportionate to the threat faced.

Duties and Responsibilities

Armed security guards in Texas have a range of duties and responsibilities. Their primary role is to protect people and property, ensuring a safe and secure environment. This includes monitoring and reacting to potential threats, conducting security checks, and enforcing security protocols.

They are also trained in crowd control and emergency response, prepared to handle high-stress situations such as large gatherings or natural disasters. Reporting and documenting incidents is another crucial aspect of their responsibilities, as accurate documentation helps ensure transparency and accountability.

Uniform and Identification

Standards for uniforms and insignia are established to maintain a professional appearance and promote public trust. Armed security guards are required to wear the designated uniform and display identification cards and badges visibly at all times. Compliance with uniform and equipment guidelines is vital for the identification and recognition of their role.

Rules of Conduct and Ethics

Armed security guards in Texas are expected to adhere to a code of conduct that upholds the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and ethical behavior. Maintaining confidentiality, avoiding conflicts of interest, and refraining from personal use of firearms and equipment are among the key ethical considerations emphasized in the regulations.

Reporting and Oversight

Security companies employing armed guards must comply with reporting requirements for incidents and use of force. The Texas DPS plays a crucial role in monitoring and investigating security companies to ensure compliance with regulations and policies. Violations of regulations can result in severe consequences, including revocation of licenses, fines, or legal actions.


Compliance with regulations and policies governing armed security guards in Texas is crucial for public safety. The regulations aim to create a professional and accountable security industry that protects both the public and security personnel. It is important for armed security guards to stay updated on any future developments or potential changes in regulations to ensure they always operate within the framework of the law.

The use of firearms by armed security guards in Texas is heavily regulated, and armed security guard companies are required to comply with these regulations to ensure the safety of the public and their clients. The use of force should be proportionate to the threat, and armed security guard companies must ensure that their guards are appropriately trained and follow strict guidelines when it comes to the use of force, including the use of firearms. Federal laws also regulate the ownership and use of firearms by armed security guards in Texas.

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