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Fire Watch Security Guards in McKinney


Many business owners, managers and property managers in McKinney and across the Dallas Fort Worth area will require a fire watch security guard service at some point or another. In most cities, including McKinney, the fire department will require fire watch security if any component of the fire alarm system is disabled or if [...]

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Fire Watch Security Frisco


Fire watch security will be required in Frisco if the fire alarm, fire sprinklers or the water access in a building are defective or not available. In that case the building is exposed to fire and in case of a fire the fire departments response may come too late. The fire marshal will normally [...]

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Event Security Guards Grand Prairie


Vigilant Private Security Grand Prairie provides world class event security guards services in Grand Prairie. Hiring the right security company for the safety and security of an event is a crucial and often underestimated decision. Hiring the wrong security company will result in additional resources being spent on supervising and ensuring that security guards [...]

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Duties and Responsibilities of a Security Guard Garland


In general, it is the duty of a security guard to observe and report, interject if the situation requires it and provide a visible and alert presence, which will prevent most crime. Over the last two decades the role of the security guard has also morphed into a customer service job. Regardless, where the [...]

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Construction Security Guards – Fort Worth


In the last few years many superintendents and project managers in Fort Worth have been convinced that security guards at construction sites are either obsolete or unnecessary. At the same time the rate of burglaries, theft and vandalism at construction sites in Fort Worth has increased more than ever. Physical damage and the value [...]

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Benefits of Construction Security Guards in Dallas


Many people discount the job of construction security guards in Dallas as one dimensional, but the job of a construction security guard is as multi-faceted as it is important. Many project managers today hire security companies that provide alarm systems, motion detectors and surveillance cameras. Most of the time they do not provide a [...]

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Armed Security Guards Dallas


About ten percent of security guards in Dallas are licensed to carry a fire arm. In many cases customers under distress or after traumatic events would like to hire an armed security guard. Many security companies provide service as the client requests it without asking too many questions and without giving good advice. In [...]

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