Vigilant Private Security in Arlington employs security consultants with decades of experience in the security and construction industry. They will normally meet with the safety coordinator and construction site management to create a Construction Site Safety Plan. Safety on a construction site is paramount to the construction site, because additional to the property, materials and equipment the construction company is mainly interested in the safety of their employees.

A security guard will assist in knowing and understanding security protocols and procedures while helping to enforce the procedures outlined in the construction site safety plan. Daily activity and incident reports to the safety coordinator will include the form and time of a safety violation. A zero tolerance on safety violations is the essence of a construction site safety plan. Only if violations are detected, reported and dealt with in a timely manner a construction site safety plan will be effective.

Vigilant Private Security in Arlington employs security consultants that have worked in the construction industry in Arlington and have provided security services for many construction companies in Arlington. They understand the importance of safety and will assist construction management to create a secure and safe construction site.

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