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    Our security guards are trained and held accountable to be the best in the industry. We guarantee our high level of security services tailored to your needs.

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    Our professional and highly trained security guards will protect the safety of your site You can always rely on our professional Long Beach security guard services.


    VP Security Guards promises Keeping you safe, always on guard

    Armed security guard services

    Professionally trained armed officers ensuring your safety in high pressure and dangerous situations

    Unarmed Security Guards

    Officers with the skill set and training to prevent and deter crime in every setting

    Marked Vehicle Patrol Security

    Consistent visibility and vigilance in a marked vehicle will ensure safety and deter crime

    Fire Watch Security Guards

    Specialized officers with the experience to prevent fires, detect hazards and comply with fire watch protocols

    Construction Site Security Guards

    Highly trained and vigilant officers deterring crime, vandalism and theft with consistent and frequent patrols.

    Warehouse Security Guards

    Specialized officers preventing unauthorized access and protecting employees and inventory
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    VP Security Guards promises to be your first line of defense against all threats.


    We take security seriously, so you don't have to

    Decades of Experience

    Management and supervisors with decades of experience in the security industry

    Highly Trained Guards

    Guards trained by ex- military and law enforcement officers

    Modern Technology

    Accountability and training through modern technology

    Selective Hiring Practices

    Hiring and deploying the right security officer for the right job

      #1 Security Guard Services and Company

      VP Security Guards is at the forefront of security guard companies in Long Beach, specializing in fire watch security guard services construction security guards, warehouse security, marked vehicle patrols, as well as unarmed and armed security services. What truly distinguishes VP Security Guards as the number one security guard company is its emphasis on thorough training and a meticulous selection process, ensuring the inclusion of qualified and skilled professionals in their team.

      In terms of training, VP Security Guards provides comprehensive instruction covering a wide range of skills and scenarios. From crisis management to emergency response protocols, their security personnel are well-prepared to handle various situations confidently, offering clients a sense of security and assurance.

      VP Security Guards provides the best Long Beach security guard services in Long Beach. Its’ selection process is noteworthy for its careful assessment of candidates with backgrounds in security and law enforcement. This careful evaluation ensures that each team member possesses relevant practical experience and a strong grasp of security operations. Additionally, the company values strong interpersonal skills and situational awareness, ensuring that their security guards can seamlessly adapt to different situations and environments.

      Through this rigorous selection and training approach, VP Security Guards is able to deliver exceptional security guard services in Long Beach. Their fire watch security guards are quick to identify potential fire hazards, construction security guards maintain site integrity, warehouse security guards in Long Beach protect valuable assets, marked vehicle patrols provide a visible deterrent, and unarmed and armed security guards are professional and competent in addressing security concerns.

      When individuals and businesses are in search of a reputable security guard company in Long Beach, VP Security Guards emerges as a reliable choice for their Long Beach security guard services. With its focus on continuous skill development, thorough candidate selection, and commitment to providing quality security solutions, VP Security Guards, as the leading Long Beach security guard company in Long Beach plays a pivotal role in enhancing the safety and security of Long Beach’s community.

      Why Choose Us for Your Long Beach Security Guard Services 

      Security guard services in Long Beach are superior, because VP Security Guards forges strong partnerships with local law enforcement agencies, a collaboration that goes beyond training their guards – it significantly expedites response times. This unique synergy enables swift police responses to our locations, facilitated by the personal relationships cultivated by our dedicated account managers with the local law enforcement community.

      Long Beach security guard services are number one, because at VP Security Guards, our account managers are more than just professionals; they are active members of the local law enforcement network. This integration enhances our ability to establish seamless communication channels and streamline emergency responses, ensuring the safety and security of our clients’ premises.

      When it comes to training, VP Security Guards maintains an exceptional standard. Our construction security guards, fire watch security guards, and both armed and unarmed guards, as well as warehouse security guards, receive training from seasoned law enforcement officers and experienced ex-military personnel. This blend of expertise ensures a well-rounded approach to security guards service in Long Beach.

      The training program is comprehensive, focusing on various aspects of security, from crisis management to conflict resolution. Guards are equipped with the skills needed to handle a wide array of scenarios effectively. They undergo rigorous drills and simulations, fostering confidence in their abilities to respond appropriately under pressure when providing Long Beach Security Guard Services..

      The training curriculum emphasizes situational awareness, communication skills, and adherence to protocols. Guards are trained to maintain a vigilant eye and a calm demeanor, ensuring optimal handling of any security situation. Our goal is not only to provide capable security personnel but to empower them to proactively prevent and manage potential threats.

      VP Security Guards’ commitment to leveraging local law enforcement relationships for enhanced response times, combined with our rigorous training led by law enforcement and military experts, cements our status as a trusted provider of Long Beach security guard services. Through this collaborative approach and steadfast training, we ensure the safety and peace of mind of our clients.

      Long Beach Security Guard Services

      In Long Beach, the presence of well-trained security guards is essential for ensuring safety, security, and overall harmony within our community. These dedicated professionals serve as vigilant protectors of our neighborhoods, businesses, and public spaces, significantly contributing to the well-being of our city.

      One of the significant challenges that Long Beach security guard services often face is homelessness. Homeless individuals, facing difficult circumstances, can sometimes engage in behaviors that bother customers and affect businesses. Trained security guards play a crucial role in addressing this complex issue with sensitivity and empathy.

      They serve as community ambassadors, engaging with homeless individuals to offer assistance and information about available social services. This approach not only helps homeless individuals access the support they need but also ensures that customers and businesses feel secure and comfortable.

      The role of Long Beach security guard services extends beyond homelessness. They deter criminal activities, respond to emergencies, manage access to restricted areas, and actively engage with the community. Their presence fosters a sense of community and trust, encouraging open communication and collaboration.

      In our ever-evolving city, security guards are essential contributors to our community’s safety, security, and cohesion. By addressing complex issues with compassion and empathy, they help create a more inclusive and harmonious environment for everyone.

      Their commitment to deterring crime, responding to emergencies, controlling access, and engaging with the community makes Long Beach a safer and more welcoming place to live, work, and visit. Long Beach’s security guards play an invaluable role in ensuring that our city remains a vibrant and secure community that we are proud to call home.

      Armed Security Guard Services in Long Beach

      VP Security Guards is the preferred choice for armed security guard services in Long Beach, and their unique edge comes from a team of experienced ex-military personnel and current law enforcement officers. This team’s collective expertise sets VP Security Guards apart, ensuring that their armed security guards possess a high level of skill, precision, and tactical know-how that truly stands out in the industry.

      What makes VP Security Guards special is their strong commitment to delivering excellent armed security guard services. The team’s background in both ex-military and law enforcement roles brings a wealth of practical experience and specialized training to their services, allowing them to effectively address potential risks and handle various security situations.

      The training program that VP Security Guards provides for their armed security guards is comprehensive. It covers a range of essential skills, including situational awareness, crisis management, precise response tactics, and strict adherence to established protocols. This well-rounded training empowers guards to handle diverse situations professionally and efficiently.

      The involvement of ex-military and law enforcement professionals in the training process adds a unique layer of expertise to VP Security Guards’ armed security guards in Long Beach. This translates into a practical understanding of tactical decision-making, enabling guards to respond quickly and confidently when needed. This capability is essential for maintaining a secure environment and building trust with clients.

      When individuals and businesses seek armed Long Beach Security Guard Services, VP Security Guards shines as a reliable partner. Their team’s extensive training and hands-on experience in high-pressure scenarios guarantee that their armed security guards possess an exceptional level of capability. By choosing VP Security Guards, clients opt for security services backed by a team with a proven track record in the field.

      Unarmed Security Guard Services in Long Beach

      VP Security Guards distinguishes itself as the foremost choice for unarmed security guard services in Long Beach, primarily attributed to their exceptional training and proficiency, facilitated by a team comprising ex-military personnel, current law enforcement officers, and experienced fire marshals. This distinctive blend assures that their unarmed security guards exhibit an unparalleled degree of professionalism, heightened situational awareness, and specialized skills, rendering them the prime selection for safeguarding businesses and properties across Long Beach.

      VP Security Guards’ prominence lies in their unwavering dedication to delivering top-tier unarmed security services. This commitment is fortified by the amalgamation of expertise from ex-military veterans, active law enforcement officers, and seasoned fire marshals. Each member brings a unique perspective, resulting in a holistic training approach that equips unarmed security guards with multifaceted capabilities.

      The training regimen that VP Security Guards employs for their unarmed security personnel is comprehensive and robust. It encompasses a diverse curriculum, ranging from conflict resolution and effective communication to crowd management and emergency response. This holistic training nurtures guards’ ability to adeptly address various situations with poise and professionalism.

      The involvement of ex-military, law enforcement officers, and fire marshals in training enriches VP Security Guards’ unarmed security personnel with specialized insights. Their collective experience contributes to honing guards’ situational awareness and response tactics, ensuring they are well-prepared to handle a wide array of scenarios with efficacy.

      In the pursuit of unarmed security services in Long Beach, VP Security Guards emerges as the epitome of reliability. With a cadre of professionals enriched by diverse backgrounds and extensive training, VP Security Guards offers unarmed security guards who embody a level of competence that stands unmatched. By entrusting VP Security Guards, clients embrace security solutions backed by a team renowned for their expertise and a commitment to safeguarding Long Beach’s businesses and properties.

      Marked Vehicle Patrol Services in Long Beach

      VP Security Guards excels in delivering the finest Marked Vehicle Patrol Officers in Long Beach, known for their proactive approach to deterring crime through a visible and vigilant presence. These officers are assigned designated patrol routes and meticulously inspect their vehicles prior to commencing their shifts. Their conspicuous patrols serve as a potent deterrent to potential wrongdoers, fostering a safer environment.

      VP Security Guards’ Marked Vehicle Patrol Security Officers possess an acute sense of responsibility. They promptly report any signs of suspicious activity or security concerns they encounter during their patrols. This real-time vigilance ensures swift intervention when necessary, further safeguarding the premises they oversee.

      In cases of emergencies, VP Security Guards’ Marked Vehicle Patrol Officers shine with their rapid response. They adeptly assess the situation, taking immediate action to mitigate risks and promptly contacting the relevant authorities. This swift and organized response is a testament to their training and dedication to maintaining safety.

      Routine security checks conducted by these officers encompass thorough inspections of properties and access points. This diligent approach ensures that vulnerabilities are identified and addressed promptly, bolstering the overall security posture of the area.

      VP Security Guards’ Marked Vehicle Patrol Officers represent a formidable asset to Long Beach’s security landscape. Through their proactive visibility, vigilant reporting, rapid emergency response, and systematic security checks, they contribute significantly to the well-being of the community. Choosing VP Security Guards for Marked Vehicle Patrol Officers means opting for a reliable partner committed to upholding safety standards in Long Beach.

      Fire Watch Security Guards in Long Beach

      Fire watch security guards in Long Beach assume a role of paramount importance when it comes to safeguarding properties during fire-related emergencies. Their contribution is instrumental in ensuring the utmost safety for both residents and valuable assets. Through their highly specialized training and unwavering dedication, these guards play a crucial part in mitigating risks and minimizing potential damages caused by fires.

      One of the key aspects that set fire watch security guards apart is their exceptional training. Equipped with a comprehensive understanding of fire safety protocols, they are well-prepared to diligently monitor designated areas, maintaining a vigilant watch for any signs of fire hazards. Their ability to swiftly detect and accurately report these hazards is a result of their extensive training, which hones their observation skills and sharpens their awareness.

      In the event of a potential fire risk, fire watch security guards are primed to take immediate action. Their proactive approach involves not only reporting the hazard but also implementing effective measures to prevent or reduce damage. This swift response can make a significant difference in curbing the escalation of fires, thereby protecting lives and valuable property.

      The expertise of fire watch security guards extends beyond mere prevention. Their training encompasses crisis management, evacuation procedures, and communication protocols. This well-rounded knowledge equips them to handle fire-related emergencies with poise and professionalism. In collaboration with local fire departments, they provide an essential bridge between initial response and effective mitigation, ensuring that the situation is managed efficiently.

      When considering fire watch security guards in Long Beach, their role cannot be understated. These individuals serve as sentinels of safety, diligently upholding fire prevention measures and responding promptly to any potential risks. Their presence provides residents and property owners with a sense of security, knowing that skilled professionals are dedicated to protecting what matters most. Through their specialized training and swift action, fire watch security guards truly make a difference in ensuring the well-being of the community during fire-related emergencies.

      Construction Site Security Guards in Long Beach

      Construction security guards in Long Beach exhibit a remarkable capacity for delivering exceptional service that aligns precisely with the unique security demands of construction sites. Their proficiency lies in comprehending the distinct challenges posed by such environments and executing their responsibilities with the utmost professionalism and diligence.

      One of the standout qualities of these construction security guards is their adeptness at understanding and addressing the specific security requirements of construction sites. Their familiarity with the intricacies of these environments equips them to make informed decisions and take appropriate actions. This specialized knowledge allows them to navigate the complexities of construction sites effectively.

      Central to their success is the strong presence they maintain and their unwavering vigilance. By being visibly present, these guards serve as a deterrent to unauthorized access, discouraging potential breaches. Their watchful eyes are attuned to identifying security vulnerabilities and safety hazards, allowing them to intervene promptly and mitigate risks.

      An essential aspect of their role is the implementation of access control measures. Through stringent procedures, they ensure that only authorized personnel gain entry to restricted areas. This meticulous approach helps maintain the integrity of the construction site and prevent unauthorized individuals from compromising security.

      The comprehensive coverage provided by these construction security guards extends to regular patrols. Their vigilant rounds encompass the entire site, from its periphery to its core. This comprehensive approach effectively safeguards valuable assets, equipment, and materials from theft or damage, thereby contributing to a secure work environment.

      In essence, construction security guards in Long Beach excel in their ability to tailor their services to the unique requirements of construction sites. Their blend of specialized knowledge, professionalism, strong presence, and vigilant patrols makes them an indispensable asset in ensuring the security and integrity of construction projects.

      Warehouse Security Guard Services in Long Beach

      Warehouse security guards in Long Beach possess a multifaceted skill set that is indispensable for providing unparalleled Long Beach security guard services across a diverse range of facilities. These professionals are adept at safeguarding warehouses, recycling plants, manufacturing facilities, and industrial sites with unwavering competence and dedication.

      At the forefront of their capabilities is their heightened vigilance. Warehouse security guards are acutely aware of the potential risks and vulnerabilities inherent to such environments. Their watchful presence is instrumental in deterring unauthorized access, thereby ensuring the integrity and safety of the premises.

      Access control is a cornerstone of their role. Through meticulous enforcement of access procedures, these guards regulate entry to restricted areas with precision. This proactive measure not only prevents unauthorized individuals from compromising security but also ensures that only authorized personnel are present in sensitive zones.

      Thorough inspections form an integral part of their responsibilities. Warehouse security guards conduct comprehensive checks, scrutinizing the premises for any signs of anomalies, security breaches, or safety hazards. This meticulous approach allows them to identify potential issues before they escalate, contributing to the overall security posture of the facility.

      Prompt response is another hallmark of their service. In the face of security incidents or emergencies, warehouse security guards react swiftly and effectively. Their rapid intervention mitigates risks and ensures that any potential threats are contained, preventing further escalation.

      In the realm of Long Beach security guard services, warehouse security guards represent a vital asset for businesses. Their comprehensive skill set, marked by vigilance, access control enforcement, thorough inspections, and rapid response, guarantees the safety of facilities across various industries. Choosing warehouse security guards in Long Beach translates into a commitment to safeguarding assets, operations, and the well-being of personnel, all supported by a reputable security guard company that understands the unique demands of the local landscape.

      Law Enforcement-Trained Security Guard Services

      Long Beach Security guard services are elevated to an exceptional level when entrusted to professionals trained by law enforcement and ex-military officers. This distinction is a testament to their comprehensive expertise, encompassing the latest technical advancements and strategic skills. It’s this mastery that sets them apart, ensuring a paramount commitment to securing clients with the utmost precision and vigilance.

      The value of guards trained by law enforcement and ex-military officers lies not only in their knowledge but also in their practical application of security protocols. Their training, coupled with real-world experience, cements their position as a cornerstone of reliability within the security landscape. As dedicated protectors, they remain steadfast in staying updated with evolving security methodologies, ensuring that their strategies remain at the forefront of the field.

      In particular, their proficiency shines when it comes to specialized roles like fire watch security guards, construction security guards, and armed security guards. Their specialized training equips them to be proactive in managing fire safety. Fire watch security guards vigilantly monitor for fire hazards, swiftly respond to potential risks, and efficiently implement safety measures. This proactive approach minimizes the impact of fire-related emergencies and safeguards both property and lives.

      24/7 Security Guards in Long Beach

      When seeking Long Beach security guard services, clients benefit immensely from the skill set of these professionals. Their capabilities extend beyond theory, manifesting in practical solutions that resonate with the unique demands of the local landscape. This dedication, honed through rigorous training and refined by years of hands-on experience, paints a picture of Long Beach security guard services that consistently exceed expectations. By choosing security guard services from professionals trained by law enforcement and ex-military officers, clients opt for an unrivaled standard of safety and protection in every context.

      Teaming up with a security guard company that offers armed, fire watch, and construction security guards around-the-clock brings substantial benefits to 24-hour security guard services in Long Beach.

      This versatile security team provides a well-rounded protection solution. Armed security guards act as a strong deterrent, discouraging potential threats with their visible presence. Fire watch security guards proactively monitor for fire hazards, ensuring a proactive approach to safety. Construction security guards safeguard sites from theft and unauthorized access, contributing to site security during non-operational hours.

      The advantages of this holistic security approach are significant. With access to a diverse set of security specialists, clients benefit from a comprehensive security solution tailored to various scenarios. The continuous availability of armed, fire watch, and construction security guards ensures a seamless transition between shifts, maintaining an uninterrupted security presence.

      Within the realm of 24-hour Long Beach security guard services in Long Beach, this collaboration creates an environment prioritizing safety. By leveraging the distinct skills of each security specialization, clients can be confident that their assets, staff, and premises are protected by a unified and reliable security force. Choosing a security guard company with these offerings underscores a commitment to enduring security, fostering reassurance amid evolving security challenges.

      Hire Long Beach Security Guard Services And Hiring Security Guards Company

      When looking to hire a security guards company or individual security guards in Long Beach, it’s essential to conduct a thorough evaluation of their reputation, references, and training programs. VP Security Guards, a distinguished security guard company in Long Beach, excels in all these critical areas.

      Before finalizing a decision, it’s recommended to assess the reputation of the security guard company or guards themselves. This entails researching their track record, customer feedback, and industry standing. Seeking references from previous clients offers valuable insights into their performance and reliability, allowing for a more informed choice.

      VP Security Guards stands as the premier option in Long Beach due to its impeccable reputation, backed by a history of client satisfaction and successful security operations. The company’s references further affirm their competence and effectiveness, underscoring the quality of their services.

      The importance of thorough training cannot be overstated. Effective training equips Long Beach security guard services with the skills to respond adeptly to a variety of scenarios. In selecting VP Security Guards, you are opting for a company that places a strong emphasis on comprehensive training programs. This ensures their guards are well-prepared, possessing the expertise required to navigate diverse security challenges proficiently.

      In summary, when seeking to hire Long Beach security guard services in Long Beach or engage a security guards company, evaluating reputation, references, and training programs is an integral part of the decision-making process. VP Security Guards emerges as the preeminent choice, meeting these criteria while providing assurance of professional and capable security guard services in Long Beach.

      Security Guards for fumigation in Long Beach

      When it comes to fumigation in Long Beach, security is paramount. Security guards and security companies play an indispensable role in ensuring the safety of both property and people during this critical process.

      Fumigation involves the use of potent chemicals to eliminate pests, which can pose health risks if not handled correctly. Security guards trained specifically for fumigation in Long Beach are well-versed in safety protocols. They diligently monitor access to the fumigation area, ensuring that only authorized personnel are present.

      A reputable fumigation security company in Long Beach offers a layer of protection that cannot be overlooked. Their expertise in managing access control, surveillance, and incident response is essential.

      Whether it’s safeguarding residential properties or commercial spaces, the presence of long beach security guard services during fumigation in Long Beach ensures compliance with safety standards and provides peace of mind. These guards are not just security personnel; they are guardians of well-being during a potentially hazardous process.

      In Long Beach, where fumigation is a common practice for pest control, having trained security guards and a reliable fumigation security company is not just important—it’s essential for the safety of our community.

      FAQs Long Beach Security Guard

      What disqualifies you from getting a guard card in California?

      In California, disqualifications for obtaining a guard card include felony convictions related to security duties, certain misdemeanor convictions (especially those involving violence, theft, drugs, or dishonesty), convictions related to firearms, domestic violence convictions, failure to disclose criminal history, mental health adjudications, restraining orders, drug or alcohol abuse, and failure to complete required training. Each case is assessed individually, and regulations can change, so it’s important to consult the California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS) or legal counsel for current information.

      What are the requirements to get a guard card in California?

      To obtain a guard card in California, applicants must be at least 18 years old, legally eligible to work in the U.S., and complete state-mandated training courses such as “Powers to Arrest" and, for armed guards, “Weapons of Mass Destruction." They need to submit fingerprints for a background check, pass a criminal background check, and pay the required application and licensing fees. Security guards must work for a licensed security company and complete 32 hours of continuing education training every two years for card renewal. Regulations and specific requirements might change, so applicants should consult the official website of the California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS) for the most current information.

      How fast can I get a CA Guard card?

      Obtaining a guard card in California involves completing required training courses, getting fingerprinted, undergoing a background check, and submitting an application to the California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS). The entire process typically takes several weeks, with varying timelines for training, fingerprinting, background checks, application processing, and guard card issuance. Applicants should plan in advance and be aware that processing times can vary based on factors such as the accuracy of information provided and the workload of the BSIS.

      How much does it cost to get your armed security guard license in California?

      The cost of obtaining an armed security guard license in California varies based on factors such as training provider and application fees. Training costs for mandatory courses like “Powers to Arrest" and “Weapons of Mass Destruction" range from $100 to $300 or more. Additionally, applicants must pay for fingerprinting services, which typically range from $60 to $100. There is also a non-refundable guard card application fee, which was approximately $50 as of the last update. These fees are subject to change, so individuals should consult the California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS) for the most recent and accurate fee information.


      VP Security Guards promises something for everyone who needs security and peace of mind
      • Our Services

        At VP Security Guards, we offer multiple services, including: 1. Armed Security Guards 2. Unarmed Security Guards 3. Marked Vehicle Patrol Security 4. Fire Watch Security Guards 5. Construction Site Security Guards 6.Warehouse Security Guards

      • Armed Security Guards

        VP Security Guards specializes in armed security services, offering highly-trained and certified professionals to handle high-risk environments that demand a higher level of protection.

        What Do Armed Security Guards Do?

        Armed security guards perform various tasks to ensure the safety and security of the premises they protect. Their duties include:
        1. Scanning passports, licenses, and identification cards for those entering or leaving secure areas.

        2. Controlling access points at various facilities, ensuring unauthorized personnel do not access restricted areas or control rooms with limited access.

        3. Regularly patrolling all premises, including recording a nighttime log of activities to report to the appropriate authorities at the end of each night patrol shift.

        4. Monitoring facilities with bars, clubs, or other entertainment venues, patrolling for intoxicated individuals, and performing illegal drug or alcohol checks as required by law or facility management.

        5. Conducting regular or random checks for illegal or dangerous items that could jeopardize the safety of facility occupants.

        6. Being trained to locate and operate all safety precautions for various environments and receiving proper training for emergency situations.

        Why You Should Hire VP Security Guards for Armed Security?

        With decades of experience in the security industry, VP Security Guards offers the best team of armed security professionals. Our guards are certified to carry out any protocol for guarding, securing, and responding to emergencies in various situations. We ensure the most relevant and up-to-date training that extends coast to coast, providing an unparalleled level of security for your business or facility. Trust VP Security Guards to give peace of mind to management, staff, and patrons. Contact us now to get started.

      • Unarmed Security Guards

        VP Security Guards also specializes in unarmed security services, providing a different type of security presence for businesses and facilities with varying security needs. Unarmed security guards offer a visible deterrent to potential threats and help maintain a safe and secure environment without carrying firearms.

        What Do Unarmed Security Guards Do?

        Unarmed security guards perform essential duties such as monitoring access points, ensuring only authorized individuals enter designated areas. They also patrol the premises to detect and prevent any suspicious activities, theft, or vandalism.

        In addition to access control, unarmed security guards assist with visitor management, ensuring guests sign in and out and are directed to the appropriate locations within the facility. They can also help with traffic control and parking enforcement if needed.

        Unarmed security guards are trained to respond to emergencies, including evacuations and coordinating with emergency services. They maintain communication with facility management, providing regular updates on security-related matters.

        In facilities with bars, clubs, or other entertainment venues, unarmed security officers monitor for intoxicated individuals, enforce rules and regulations, and ensure patrons' safety.

        Why You Should Hire VP Security Guards for Unarmed Security

        With decades of experience in the security industry, VP Security Guards ensures our unarmed security guards receive the most relevant and up-to-date training, adapting to various situations and environments. This expertise extends coast to coast, offering professional and reliable security services to businesses and facilities nationwide.

        VP Security Guards provides a highly trained team of unarmed security professionals tailored to your specific security requirements. Our unarmed guards offer a visible security presence, providing peace of mind for management, staff, and patrons without the need for armed personnel.

        Our unarmed security services are an excellent choice for businesses and facilities that require a security presence to deter potential threats, enforce rules and regulations, and maintain a safe and secure environment. Contact us now to get started.

      • Marked Vehicle Patrol Security

        VP Security Guards specializes in marked vehicle patrol security services, offering a visible and effective security presence for various environments. Vehicle patrol security guards provide an additional layer of protection by conducting regular patrols, ensuring the safety of people and property.

        What Do Marked Vehicle Patrol Security Guards Do?

        Marked vehicle patrol security guards actively patrol designated areas using clearly marked security vehicles. These patrols serve as a deterrent to potential criminal activity while also providing rapid response capabilities in case of emergencies. Some of the responsibilities of marked vehicle patrol security guards include:
        1. Conducting regular patrols around the perimeter and within the designated areas to identify and address any security concerns or breaches.

        2. Responding quickly to incidents, alarms, or emergency situations and coordinating with local law enforcement when necessary.

        3. Monitoring access points and controlling vehicle entry and exit to prevent unauthorized access.

        4. Providing real-time reporting on any incidents or observations, ensuring prompt communication with relevant stakeholders.

        5. Ensuring the vehicles are well-maintained, stocked with necessary equipment, and ready for immediate deployment in emergencies.
        With decades of experience in the security industry, VP Security Guards is equipped to handle any situation that may arise. Our marked vehicle patrol security guards receive comprehensive training in patrol techniques, incident response, and emergency management to provide the best possible protection for your business or facility.

        Why You Should Hire VP Security Guards for Marked Vehicle Patrol Security

        VP Security Guards offers the best team of marked vehicle patrol security professionals, who are trained and certified to carry out any protocol related to guarding, securing, and responding to emergencies in various situations. The highly visible presence of our marked patrol vehicles serves as a deterrent to potential criminal activity and gives peace of mind to your management, staff, and patrons.

        With decades of experience in the security industry, we ensure the most relevant and up-to-date training for our marked vehicle patrol security guards, allowing us to provide top-notch security services from coast to coast. Contact us now to get started.

      • Fire Watch Security Guards

        VP Security Guards specializes in Fire Watch Security services, catering to the unique requirements of this specialized security field. Fire Watch Security Guards play a vital role in ensuring the safety of properties and occupants, particularly in high-risk environments or during system maintenance that leaves buildings vulnerable to potential fires.

        What Do Fire Watch Security Guards Do?

        Fire Watch Security Guards monitor areas where fire hazards may be present or when fire protection systems are temporarily disabled, such as during construction, renovation, or system repair. They are responsible for patrolling the premises, identifying potential fire risks, and reporting any hazards or emergencies. Some of the key tasks performed by Fire Watch Security Guards include:
        1. Regularly inspecting and patrolling designated areas to detect and prevent fires.

        2. Monitoring fire protection systems, such as sprinklers and alarms, to ensure they are functioning properly.

        3. Maintaining a log of all patrol activities and any incidents or hazards encountered.

        4. Reporting any signs of fire or potential fire hazards to the appropriate authorities.

        5. Coordinating with building management, fire departments, and other emergency services as needed.

        6. Ensuring compliance with local fire safety regulations and guidelines.

        Why You Should Hire VP Security Guards for Fire Watch Security?

        With decades of experience in the security industry, VP Security Guards is well-equipped to provide Fire Watch Security services. Our guards receive extensive training in fire safety, prevention, and emergency response procedures, ensuring the highest level of protection for your property and its occupants.

        VP Security Guards offers a dedicated team of Fire Watch Security professionals who are certified and trained to handle the specific demands of this critical role. Our expertise extends coast to coast, ensuring that we can provide the most relevant and up-to-date training for our team members.

        By choosing VP Security Guards for your Fire Watch Security needs, you can have peace of mind knowing that your property is protected by experienced professionals who are committed to maintaining the highest standards of safety and security. Contact us now to get started.

      • Construction Site Security Guards

        VP Security Guards specializes in providing security services tailored to construction sites. Construction site security guards are crucial for ensuring the safety and security of construction sites, protecting valuable assets, and preventing unauthorized access or theft.

        What Do Construction Site Security Guards Do?

        Construction site security guards monitor access points, allowing only authorized personnel to enter the site. They conduct regular patrols to inspect the site's perimeter, ensuring there are no breaches or potential security threats.

        Security guards maintain a log of visitors and deliveries, verifying the identity of individuals and ensuring only approved materials enter the site. They also monitor construction equipment and materials to prevent theft, vandalism, or misuse.

        In case of emergencies or incidents, construction site security guards are trained to respond effectively and coordinate with law enforcement or emergency services if necessary. They may also assist with implementing safety protocols and evacuation procedures to protect workers and site visitors.

        Why You Should Hire VP Security Guards for Construction Site Security

        With decades of experience in the security industry, VP Security Guards offers a team of highly trained and professional construction site security guards. Our guards are certified and equipped to handle the unique challenges and risks associated with construction sites.

        We ensure the most relevant and up-to-date training that extends coast to coast, providing an unparalleled level of security for your construction site. VP Security Guards' construction site security services give peace of mind to project managers, contractors, and workers, knowing that the site is secure and protected. Contact us now to get started.

      • Warehouse Security Guards

        VP Security Guards specializes in warehouse security services, providing a unique and essential service for the protection of warehouse facilities and their contents. Warehouse security guards are vital in safeguarding valuable inventory and ensuring the smooth operation of logistics and supply chain management.

        What Do Warehouse Security Guards Do?

        Warehouse security guards monitor access points, ensuring only authorized personnel enter the facility. They conduct regular patrols of the premises, checking for signs of theft, vandalism, or other security breaches. Additionally, warehouse security guards may oversee the arrival and departure of trucks, verifying the proper documentation and cargo contents.

        In the event of an emergency or security breach, warehouse security guards are trained to respond quickly and effectively. They are skilled in coordinating with law enforcement, emergency services, and facility management to resolve the situation and minimize potential losses.

        Security guards also help maintain a safe working environment by monitoring compliance with safety regulations, reporting potential hazards, and supporting the implementation of warehouse safety protocols.

        Why You Should Hire VP Security Guards for Warehouse Security?

        With decades of experience in the security industry, VP Security Guards offers a team of highly trained and skilled warehouse security professionals. Our guards are certified to carry out any protocol for guarding, securing, and responding to emergencies in warehouse environments.

        We ensure the most relevant and up-to-date training, enabling our guards to provide the best possible protection for your warehouse facility. VP Security Guards' warehouse security services add an unparalleled level of security, giving peace of mind to management, staff, and stakeholders. Contact us now to get started.

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        Business Security

        Our business security guards are available 24/7 every day, providing vigilant protection. We will secure:


        Shopping Centers


        Construction Sites

        Office Buildings

        Home Owners Associations

        Apartments buildings and more…

        Private Security

        Highly trained and professional unarmed and armed private security guards for your security:


        Private Security

        Celebrity Security

        High Profile Security

        Executive Security

        Security for Residence

        Event Security

        Fire Watch

        Execution of fire watch services by private security guards specifically trained for fire watches:

        Dispatched immediately


        Emergency fire watch

        Electronic Monitoring

        Available for Hot Work

        Licensed and Insured

        Fire Marshal recommended

        Security Consultation

        Security consultants with decades of experience will analyze your security plan

        Identify Security Breaches

        Security Staffing Analysis

        Customized Security Plan

        Unique and specific post orders

        Security Training

        Disaster training

        Background checks


        • What type of security services do you offer?

          Our security services include unarmed and armed guards, mobile patrols, access control, CCTV monitoring, event security, and more. We can customize our services to fit your requirements.

        • Are your guards trained and licensed?

          Yes, all of our guards are highly trained and fully licensed to provide security services. We hire only experienced and professional guards who have undergone extensive background checks and rigorous training to handle any situation that may arise.

        • What sets VP Security Guards apart from other security companies?

          Our focus on quality and customer service makes us different from other security companies. We pride ourselves on providing personalized and responsive service to each of our clients, and we are dedicated to ensuring their safety and security at all times.

        • How do you ensure that your guards are performing their duties effectively?

          We use a variety of tools and techniques to monitor our guards and ensure that they are performing their duties effectively. This includes regular patrols, random site visits, and detailed incident reports. We also provide ongoing training and support to our guards to keep them updated on the latest security techniques and technologies.

        • How can I request a quote for security services?

          You can request a quote for security services by visiting our website and filling out our contact form, or by calling our office directly. We will be happy to discuss your security needs and provide you with a customized quote based on your specific requirements.

        • How does VP Security Guards collaborate with local law enforcement agencies?

          We work closely with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies to ensure seamless on-site protection and security for your needs. Our guards maintain constant communication with police officers and other emergency personnel, enabling a rapid response in case of incidents.

        • Do your security guards provide any additional services, such as drug detection or employee safety training?

          Yes, our professional security guard services can provide on-site drug detection and testing to ensure that employees are not carrying illegal drugs on your premises. We also offer daily or weekly security updates and preventive measures to keep employees safe.

        Service Locations

        Agua Dulce



        Antelope Valley




        Baldwin Hills

        Bel Air

        Bell Gardens


        Beverly Crest

        Beverly Hills

        Boyle Heights





        City of Industry





        Culver City

        Del Sur

        Diamond Bar



        Eagle Rock

        East Los Angeles

        El Segundo

        El Sereno





        Griffith Park

        Hacienda Heights

        Hawaiian Gardens


        Hermosa Beach

        highland park



        juniper hills


        la canada flintridge

        lake los angeles





        leona valley




        los angeles

        los felis



        manhattan in beach


        mid wilshire

        monterey park



        pacific palisades




        pico rivera


        quartz hill

        redondo beach



        rowland heights

        san marino

        san pedro

        santa monica

        santa clarita

        santa fe springs

        sierra madre

        signal hill

        sleepy valley

        south gate

        stevenson ranch



        val verde






        west covina

        west hollywood




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