Security Services for Construction Sites in Corinth

Adequate supervision and security of a construction site in Corinth is imperative. Vandalism, graffiti, and theft repercussions strain production and finances and threaten deadlines. Preventive measures taken to secure equipment and property can improve production and decrease financial loss.
Construction Site Security Guards
An unattended construction site in Corinth is an easy target for vandalism, graffiti, and even theft. These crimes can put a severe strain on production deadlines and finances and can even render your crew unable to work. Taking preventative measures to lock equipment may help resolve the issue, but the only way to ensure complete security is with a dedicated security guard service in Corinth.

We offer construction site security to businesses in Corinth and the greater DFW area that can combat all of these problems and more. Our customized plans revolve around your needs and effectively deter all potential criminals from interfering with your time-sensitive work. Attentive security guards ensure that no unauthorized visitors make it onto your construction site, meaning nothing will come between you and your deadlines.
We exceed all industry standards to make sure that we satisfy all of your security needs, and offer a variety of payment plans and competitive pricing to make Vigilant Private Security affordable for any size operation.

Vigilant Private Security has the knowledge and experience to safeguard valuable industrial properties and provide construction sites security. With our significant expertise and industry best practices, we build customized security services to protect our clients’ Assets, Property, and People.

A theft occurring in a big construction site could derail the schedule and may even result in shutting down the construction for some time. Not having a construction security guard and the occurrence of theft in the premises will increase insurance costs also. Many larger constructions require heavy machinery and if the rental firms discover that their valuable property is not secure, they may be reluctant to rent their equipment.

After regular business hours, industrial parks and construction sites are deserted until the next workday. Expensive machinery and materials are often left unguarded, leaving the site open to potential theft or vandalism. When materials and equipment are damaged or stolen, projects are delayed for an indefinite period, and unforeseen additional expenses can potentially arise, cutting into profit margins.

Vigilant Private Security works in close cooperation with its clients to protect their sites and properties. We do this by:

  • Controlling site access
  • Supervising the premises
  • Quickly providing additional experienced personnel as needed
  • Dispatching patrols on a predetermined or random schedule to ascertain any unusual or suspect activity
  • Conducting inspections
  • Responding to alarms
  • Writing timely reports.

Submit a request for a quote today, and let Vigilant Private Security provide you with armed or unarmed security and peace of mind at your construction site.

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