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Security Guards ArgyleOur uniformed security officers including Private Security Guards Argyle, Armed Security Guards Argyle, Construction Site Security Guards Argyle, and Firewatch Security Guards Argyle are the top of the line, hand-selected by our specialized security experts who are regularly in touch with our clients. We hire all kinds of people, from veterans to off-duty law enforcement, and our ongoing training program ensures that our security guards are equipped to get the job done. Our technology team has built custom scheduling apps and an advanced reporting system that gives us visibility that places our team above the rest. We pride ourselves on how much insight we have into business needs and bring that insight to the table, and all these things together make us strong and dependable.

We stay ahead of the game and give you direct insight by providing constant communication from our most qualified and educated security professionals. From shopping centers to gated communities, our security experts are experienced and equipped with the knowledge and skills to meet your security needs fast and effectively. Our approach is client-first, and our grassroots growth lends to our unique ability to meet a wide array of any business’s security needs. We are more than a private security industry— we provide quality customer service from our best-in-class management team that goes the extra mile to meet any challenges with quick, flexible, and decisive resolution. Our promise is that you are left feeling empowered and secure, and we have the intel to make that happen.

Call today for a free consultation and quote. We offer all the below services to clients in the Argyle area either as standalone programs or part of a customized security plan:

  • Mobile vehicle patrol
  • Mobile foot/bike patrol
  • Standing guard
  • Lock up and alarm
  • Alarm response
  • Parking enforcement
  • Fire watch
  • Event security

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Argyle Standing Guard Services for Residential, Commercial & Industrial Security

With more than 15 years of experience, highly trained and experienced security guards, such as Private Security Guards Argyle, Armed Security Guards Argyle, Construction Site Security Guards Argyle, and Firewatch Security Guards Argyle, as well as extremely affordable rates, Vigilant Private Security is Argyle preferred choice for standing guard services. Our guards meet and exceed BSIS’s requirements for security guards and have cleared an exhaustive screening process. They are used to provide an additional level of security, protection, and safety to Argyle offices, retail spaces, gated neighborhoods, estates, private events, government properties, and other spaces that are susceptible to vandalism, theft, trespassing, etc. Because our guards are trained in access control; trespass; handling difficult people; work place violence; arrests, search and seizure; observation and documentation; public relations; and powers to arrest, they can be trusted to effectively discourage criminal behavior or promptly identify and address it when it occurs. call Vigilant Private Security today at 1-855-518-9800 to learn more about the benefits and cost-effectiveness of our standing guard services available in Argyle.

Argyle Temporary Fire Watch Services

Vigilant Private Security offers trained and experienced security guards to perform dedicated fire watch services for sites across Argyle. These services allow your business to stay operational and keep your personnel and visitors safe while your fire alarm and sprinkler systems are under maintenance or repair. As such, our guards can be trusted to patrol all vulnerable areas of your facility, maintain proper fire watch logs and reports, identify early warning signs of fire or other hazardous situations, contact the local fire department when necessary, and help implement an evacuation plan. Our Argyle fire watch services are affordable, reliable, and compliant with Texas Fire Code. call 1-855-518-9800 today for a free quote.

Argyle Lock Up & Alarm Services for Improved Business Security

Closing is a critical time for many Argyle businesses to ensure that sufficient safety and lock up procedures are in place and closely followed to reduce the chance of break-in, trespassing, vandalism, and theft. Due to tight budgets and limited resources, these businesses often depend on their employees to perform all of their closing-related duties, including balancing the register, checking that everyone has left the building, all entry points are closed and locked, all valuables are secure, and that the office and/or building is properly locked. By having a Vigilant Private Security provide lock up and alarm services, your employees can focus on wrapping up your primarily business operations, and you can enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that a security professional is 100% committed to properly securing your building. call 1-855-518-9800 today to learn more about Vigilant Private Security lock up and alarm services for Argyle commercial properties. We’ll customize our services to your specific needs and budget.

Foot & Bike Mobile Patrols, Argyle

If you have a moderately sized property in Argyle with a lot of foot traffic, hidden corners, and/or smaller pathways that needs to be monitored and protected, consider Vigilant Private Security foot and bike mobile patrols. Like vehicle patrols, foot and bike patrols are highly cost-efficient but also very effective as a criminal deterrent. However, many of our Argyle clients will choose foot and bike patrols over vehicle patrols when they want a more approachable security presence. No matter which type of security presence you wish to establish, our mobile patrols are always performed by BSIS-licensed, highly trained security guards. call 1-855-518-9800 today to learn more.

Argyle Mobile Vehicle Patrol Services

Vigilant Private Security offers its clients the highest quality mobile patrol services in Argyle. Our mobile patrols are performed by BSIS-licensed and fully insured security guards, who are extensively trained in how to monitor large private properties using patrol cars. Patrol car surveillance is particularly effective as a visual deterrent whether you employ this service on a regular or as-needed basis. Generally, our patrols are performed by armed or unarmed guards who drive clearly marked patrol vehicles around your Argyle property. These patrols are performed at random times, following an unpredictable path, that meets the level of surveillance your site requires. call 1-855-518-9800 today to discuss your mobile patrol needs in Argyle.

Argyle Special Event Security Guards

In order to put on a successful event, an event organizer must take the time to develop a plan for safety and security. As such, an event’s safety and security plan generally considers ways to discourage unruly or unlawful behavior, how to manage large crowds, what to do in the event of a fire, how to control site access, how to promote parking lot safety, and how to prevent and respond to other potential problems. To ensure that you develop a comprehensive safety and security plan for your Argyle event, work with the event security specialists at Vigilant Private Security. We have nearly two decades of experience, a team of highly trained, heavily screened security guards, and a long list of satisfied clients. Our guards are BSIS licensed, and can provide the level of professionalism, customer service, confidentiality, and event security expertise you are looking for. call 1-855-518-9800 today for a free quote.

Argyle Alarm Monitoring & Response

Vigilant Private Security offers dependable security alarm response services to residential and commercial property owners in Argyle at very affordable rates. Security alarm response services provide our clients with the peace of mind in knowing that their alarm system is being monitored around the clock and that a local, highly trained, and fully licensed security officer will be immediately dispatched to investigate any triggered alarm. This service ensures that your security concerns are being met, but also saves local law enforcement from having to respond to possible false alarms. Contact us today to obtain a free quote on security alarm monitoring and response services for your Argyle property.

Security for Private Parking Facilities in Argyle, TX

As Southern California’s premier provider of private security guards and services, Vigilant Private Security can provide exceptional parking lot security services to clients throughout Argyle. We have over 15 years of experience providing private security services and can be trusted to apply our expertise to enforcing the rules of your parking lot as well as ensuring the safety and security of your site. Our guards are thoroughly trained in power to arrest, PR, observation and documentation, communication, liability, post orders, loss prevention, preserving the incident scene, and a variety of other subjects, which are all useful in reducing opportunities for theft, vandalism, trespassing, and other unwanted activity. Additionally, they can be assigned to assist with access control, fire watch, evacuation assistance, traffic control, parking enforcement, log keeping, issuing guest passes, and investigating suspicious persons and activities. Call us today at 1-855-518-9800 for a free parking lot security consultation available to all Argyle commercial clients. Our security plans are completely customizable and our rates are always competitive.

Call us today for our best-in-class security services such as Private Security Guards Argyle, Armed Security Guards Argyle, Construction Site Security Guards Argyle, and Firewatch Security Guards Argyle.

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