Licensed Security Guards, Security Equipment Rentals & Installation, and Security Vehicle Patrols in Azle

Security Guards AzleAt Vigilant Private Security, for every account that we take on, we aim to give our clients real value. This means that we take the time to get to know our clients, their concerns and their goals, before giving them a personalized plan that gives them the best possible security for their budget.

Call today to schedule your free private security consultation. We are dedicated to serving the Azle area and understand the unique needs of the many communities that make up this extremely diverse region of Parker County. From Eagle Mountain Lake, to Fort Worth Nature Center and more, Vigilant Private Security is dedicated to helping businesses, organizations and individuals reduce their liabilities, increase safety, improve response times for emergencies, prevent/deter criminal or unwanted activity and protect what’s most important to them.

Vigilant Private Security: Protecting Residential Neighborhoods in Azle, Texas, with Private Security Guard Services

The community of Azle is located west of Fort Worth, and designated within Parker & Tarrant County. While this area is somewhat removed from major cities with higher crime rates, we often encourage HOAs and other residential clients to take preventative measures to ensure that they don’t open themselves up to crimes of opportunity. That’s because everywhere there are career criminals who are on the lookout for an open window, vacant home, cracked gate or otherwise vulnerable property. At Vigilant Private Security, we supply private security guards who can patrol your Azle neighborhood in a vehicle, gate guards who can control property access and armed guards who can provide assistance in the event of an emergency or activated alarm. Our services also include Private Security Guards Azle, Armed Security Guards Azle, Construction Site Security Guards Azle, and Firewatch Security Guards Azle. Call today and we’ll go over the options for customizing our guard services for your needs.

Private Security for Azle, Texas Industrial/Manufacturing Facilities, Warehouses and More

To address the security needs of this ever-growing industry as well as other industries present in the area, Vigilant Private Security offers quality private security services including Private Security Guards Azle, Armed Security Guards Azle, Construction Site Security Guards Azle, and Firewatch Security Guards Azle at very affordable rates. Our security services in Azle can include incident reports, 24-hour guard services, front gate/door access control, material watch logs, fire watch, visitor escort, foot patrols, vehicle patrols, parking enforcement and more. To improve the effectiveness of our guard services, we offer motion sensors and “no trespassing” signs at no additional charge. Call today for a free quote.

We Also Offer Security Services to Eagle Mountain Lake & Surrounding Communities

In addition to our private security services for aerospace and industrial facilities, we also offer exceptional security guard services to civic centers, schools, hospitals, restaurants, construction sites, gated neighborhoods and businesses/residential sites of all sizes. Our security services including Private Security Guards Azle, Armed Security Guards Azle, Construction Site Security Guards Azle, and Firewatch Security Guards Azle, are available throughout Parker County, and extend all the way out to Eagle Mountain Lake on the north of Lake Worth area. In every case, business owners and residents can trust us to deliver highly dependable private security services 24 hours a day. Our diverse security services include property access guards, building lock-up and alarm, alarm response, parking control, logistics and event security and other private or public events in and around Parker County.

Security Cameras, Alarms and Motion Detectors for Azle, Texas

In addition to guard services, Vigilant Private Security is also qualified to install wireless surveillance cameras, alarm systems, motion detectors and other low-voltage security equipment. This equipment aids in deterring criminals or trespassers and can allow you to monitor activity remotely. Our security equipment can be rented and installed anywhere in the Parker County area and is always competitively priced. Call today to learn more.

Contact Us Today for a Free Security Consultation and Quote

If you’d like to learn more about our private security services available anywhere in Parker County, give us a call today. You’ll be connected with one of our managers, who has extensive security experience. We’ll not only give you a solution that is tailored to your security goals, location and budget, but also a highly competitive rate.

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