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Security Guards CrowleyWith over 15 years of experience, thousands of satisfied clients, and a large team of licensed security guards, such as Private Security Guards Crowley, Armed Security Guards Crowley, Construction Site Security Guards Crowley, and Firewatch Security Guards Crowley, Vigilant Private Security is Crowley’s best source for private security services. We feature highly qualified guards who have extensive experience in responding to alarms, providing fire watch services, locking up businesses, patrolling facilities and properties of all sizes, and standing guard at major access points for events, offices, retail stores, gated communities, parking lots, and a wide variety of other locations. Each of our Crowley clients receive customized security plans that integrate the industry’s best practices for protecting and securing private properties. As a result, our clients have noted that they have benefited from an improved sense of safety, reduced losses and liabilities, and fewer crime-related incidents.

Call 1-855-518-9800 today to have our security professionals assess your risks, threats, and vulnerabilities at your Crowley site. We will develop a plan that fits your budget and effectively mitigates your various security issues while creating a safe environment for your staff, patrons, and guests. We are happy to provide security consultations at no cost and without any obligation to potential clients in the Crowley area. Our services such as Private Security Guards Crowley, Armed Security Guards Crowley, Construction Site Security Guards Crowley, and Firewatch Security Guards Crowley are available on short notice for one-day, short-term, or long-term jobs, and are always competitively priced.

About Vigilant Private Security

Vigilant Private Security is a 24-hour private patrol company providing services such as Private Security Guards Crowley, Armed Security Guards Crowley, Construction Site Security Guards Crowley, and Firewatch Security Guards Crowley. We are licensed, bonded, and insured, with $1,000,000 in workers compensation insurance and $3,000,000 in general liability. However, in our 15 years of service, we have never had an incident. We comply completely with the requirements set by the Department of Public Safety (DPS) as well as those of the Department of Consumer Affairs Skills Training Course for Security Guards. Our team stays apprised of the security industry’s latest advances through our memberships with ASIS International and IACSP (International Association for Counterterrorism and Security Professionals). As such, we use the most thorough screening process for selecting our security officers and provide training of the highest quality. Additionally, we continuously monitor our guards through random onsite visits, remote monitoring, and client feedback.

Guard Services Available in Crowley, Texas

Standing Guard Services in Crowley

Our standing guard services such as Private Security Guards Crowley, Armed Security Guards Crowley, Construction Site Security Guards Crowley, and Firewatch Security Guards Crowley are provided by guards who have demonstrated a command of the most important aspects of private security, including but not limited to powers to arrest, observation and documentation, conflict management, access control, PR, and communication. These guards meet all requirements set by the Bureau of Security of Investigative Services, and have passed Vigilant Private Security thorough screening process, which includes several interviews, background checks, and drug testing. Standing guard services are ideal for businesses that need a dedicated guard to protect a localized area and those that need a guard positioned near a key entry point, such as near the front entrance or main gate. Guard services are available 24 hours a day anywhere in Crowley. Call 1-855-518-9800 today.

Foot, Bike, Golf Cart & Vehicle Security Patrol Services in Crowley — Mobile Security Guards

One of the most cost-effective security services offered by Vigilant Private Security is our mobile security patrol service. This service consists of having our trustworthy, highly qualified security guards walk, ride, or drive around your Crowley property to discourage criminal behavior and encourage compliance with your rules and regulations. Depending upon your needs, our guards can also be tasked with offering proactive customer service, issuing citations, responding to alarms and emergencies, providing after-hour security escorts, keeping track of suspicious activities, and more. Patrols are often performed on foot, by bike/golf cart, or in a marked patrol car depending upon the size and layout of your property in Crowley and can be performed for any amount of time 24 hours a day.

Fire Watch Services in Crowley

Vigilant Private Security is one of the few private security companies serving the Crowley area that specializes in providing fire watch services. We have more than 15 years of experience in providing fire watch services and have fine-tuned this service to more than meet Texas’s Fire Code. That’s why whenever our Crowley clients experience a lapse in protection from their fire alarm or sprinkler system, they know they can count on us to keep their premises safe. Having one of our guards dedicated to fire watch patrols allows them to keep their business open and their operations running smoothly until their fire alarm systems are back up. Call 1-855-518-9800 today to learn all about our affordable and reliable fire watch services.

24-Hour Alarm Response Services in Crowley

If you have an active alarm system installed at your business or residence, it is generally recommended that you have a licensed private patrol company monitor your alarm. For those in Crowley, Vigilant Private Security is your best choice for alarm monitoring and response. This service is affordably priced and available 24 hours a day. It consists of having a highly qualified and well-trained guard dispatched to your property anytime your alarm is triggered. In the event of a false alarm, our service saves you the expense of being charged a fine if the police were called first. In the event that it isn’t a false alarm, our guards will be prepared to investigate and document any suspicious circumstances or people, preserve the incident scene, call the local authorities, and make sure that you and your property are safe and secure.

Guard Services for Safe & Secure Lock Up in Crowley

Rather than entrusting one of your employees to complete your lock up procedures at the end of a long workday, consider delegating this responsibility to a licensed and trained private security guard. Having an armed or unarmed guard perform this important task increases safety at closing and ensures that all your lock up procedures are closely followed. Our lock up service generally involves a walkthrough of your Crowley site to ensure that all entry points are secure, and your premises have been completely vacated, before locking your doors and setting the alarm if one is present. This service can also include escorting your closing employees to their vehicles, locking up your parking lot, and performing a final patrol outside your building.

Our Crowley Industry-Specific Security Services

Hotel Security, Crowley

At Vigilant Private Security, we feel that hotel security needs to balance security with service. While you want to carefully control access, prevent crime, and discourage unwanted behaviors and unsafe activities, you also want your guests to feel comfortable and appreciated. That’s why Vigilant Private Security assigns only our most amiable and professional guards to hotel security assignments. These are guards who excel in customer service and can be trusted to use good judgement when handling guest complaints. Additionally, our guards are also highly trained and experienced in surveillance, conflict resolution, parking enforcement, event security, mobile patrols, concierge services, first aid and CPR, and more. Contact us today for hotel security services in Crowley.

Lobby, Reception Area & Front Desk Security, Crowley, Texas

Vigilant Private Security is proud to offer its extremely professional, fully qualified, and highly experienced armed and unarmed guards to Crowley businesses that need lobby/front reception area security. Our guards are selected based upon their ability to enhance a business’s image and level of customer service while effectively deterring unwanted behavior. In general, guards who are assigned to front lobby/reception area security are responsible for greeting and logging visitors, checking employee badges, issuing visitor and parking passes, checking bags, logging deliveries, scheduling facilities, distributing keys, answering phones, announcing guests, identifying suspicious persons or circumstances, and responding to emergencies. As these guards serve both a security and concierge function, they often become viewed as a valued member of a client’s team. Call 1-855-518-9800 today to learn more.

Parking Lot, Garage & Structure Security & Enforcement, Crowley

Parking lot security is a great investment for Crowley business owners because it offers a number of benefits: It improves the public’s perception of your business; reduces your liabilities; ensures that parking spaces are used appropriately; and helps you to enforce your parking restrictions. Vigilant Private Security has been providing guard services to Crowley private parking structures, garages, and lots for over 15 years, and has the experience necessary to figure out how to provide effective security services for a wide range of budgets. Call 1-855-518-9800 today to learn how we can tailor our parking lot security guard service to meet your unique needs in Crowley.

School Security, Crowley

Vigilant Private Security is qualified to design and implement security plans for schools, colleges, university, and other educational institutions. Our management team has over 20 years of experience and our guards are trained in all aspects of private security, including powers to arrest, PR, communication, liability, evacuation and emergency preparation, access control, first aid, CPR, conflict management, crowd control, and parking/traffic control. With our level of experience and expertise, we can be trusted to create a security solution that increases staff and student safety, improves security, and discourages unwanted or criminal behavior at your Crowley school. Call us at 1-855-518-9800 today for a free security consultation.

Security Guards for Apartments and Condominium Complexes in Crowley

Apartment and condominium guards play a key role in the safety and security of residential buildings. They control access, address disturbances and tenant concerns, respond to triggered alarms, investigate suspicious persons or activities, enforce parking and community rules, screen guests, distribute keys, and monitor surveillance cameras if installed. At Vigilant Private Security, we not only train our guards to meet these expectations, but to also remember that they are part of a community. As such, we encourage our guards to be accessible, friendly, and service-oriented, which allows them to be even more effective in serving the needs of our Crowley clients. Contact us today for a free security consultation. We’ll perform a thorough on-site analysis to identify your security needs and develop a custom security plan to meet them.

Shopping Mall and Retail Security Services in Crowley — Perfect for Loss Prevention

At Vigilant Private Security, we’ve trained our security guards to provide exceptional retail security. This means that our DPS licensed guards can be relied upon to act professional at all time, keep careful watch of your premises (either from an assigned post or by patrolling your store), and perform all post order duties created specifically for your Crowley business. As a result, our retail guards are able to minimize opportunities for internal and external theft, vandalism, and trespassing; improve customer relations; and reduce your risk, liabilities, and expectations. Call 1-855-518-9800 today to obtain a free consultation on retail security services available in Crowley.

Event Security Services in Crowley — Ideal for Festivals, Community Events, Sporting Events & Concerts

If you want to ensure that your Crowley event proceeds smoothly, then you need to ensure that you have a plan in place to preserve the security of your site and safety of your participants. To accomplish this, the security experts at Vigilant Private Security are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in Crowley to help you create a customized, comprehensive security plan that includes solutions for controlling access; preparing for worst case scenarios; regulating parking and traffic; and discouraging theft, vandalism, and unruly behavior. These solutions will dictate the type of security guards you need (armed or unarmed, uniformed or plain clothed, etc.), how many guards you need, where they should be placed, and what their post order duties should be. Call 1-855-518-9800 today to arrange for your free security consultation.

Construction sites

Valuable tools, buildings under construction and construction equipment are often valuable targets for job site theft and vandalism. Expert construction site security keeps your assets safe. Keep valuables like tools, equipment and personnel secure with commissioned, licensed, bonded and insured Vigilant Private Security. Scale our services to match your needs with capabilities like alarm monitoring, drive by patrol services, alarm response, on-site security and more.

Other Industries in Crowley That We Design Security Solutions For

In addition to the industries listed above, Vigilant Private Security also has the expertise and experience to create customized security solutions for construction sites, manufacturing plants, transportation companies, chemical and petroleum companies, and industrial facilities. In each case, we identify the specific needs and expectations of each Crowley client and place them in context with the security issues that are unique to their industry. This allows us to design a plan that will offer the greatest amount of security for the budget they are comfortable with.

Vigilant Private Security is committed to delivering the best security services with a solution designed to meet your exact needs. Whether its situational response planning or planning proactive solutions, we are your eyes in the sky to help you watch your property, inventory and personnel.

Call Vigilant Private Security (PPO#17035) at 1-855-518-9800 today for your complimentary security consultation and our best-in-class security services such as Private Security Guards Crowley, Armed Security Guards Crowley, Construction Site Security Guards Crowley, and Firewatch Security Guards Crowley.

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