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Security Guards Farmers BranchAt Vigilant Private Security, we provide exceptional private security services including Private Security Guards Farmers Branch, Armed Security Guards Farmers Branch, Construction Site Security Guards Farmers Branch, and Firewatch Security Guards Farmers Branch at highly competitive rates to the Farmers Branch area as well as other cities throughout Greater Los Angeles. We integrate the industry’s best practices into all aspects of our business, from our hiring practices to guard training to how we create our customized security plans. We also use the latest technology available for more effective surveillance and guard supervision. Our efforts have allowed to raise the bar on our level of service, while keeping costs down — allowing us to provide great security services at a low cost to our clients.

We offer a broad range of services by well-trained guards at competitive rates to meet our Farmers Branch clients’ various security needs. Our security services include:

  • Private Security Guards Farmers Branch,
  • Armed Security Guards Farmers Branch,
  • Construction Site Security Guards Farmers Branch
  • Firewatch Security Guards Farmers Branch
  • Stationary security guards, armed and unarmed
  • Mobile patrols by foot, bike, golf cart or vehicle
  • 24-hour alarm response
  • 24-hour emergency response
  • Lock up and alarm
  • Logistics
  • Event security
  • Wireless surveillance system installation

Guard services can be provided on a trial or contracted basis, for as little or as long as you need. We can also have our guards be dedicated to a single function or serve multiple functions throughout their shift. When we say that we will customize our services including Private Security Guards Farmers Branch, Armed Security Guards Farmers Branch, Construction Site Security Guards Farmers Branch, and Firewatch Security Guards Farmers Branch to meet your needs and budget, we mean it.

Free Security Consultation – Farmers Branch, TX

We provide free consultations and quotes to anyone with a Farmers Branch property they want to secure. Consultations are conducted by a member of our Security Management Team. Everyone on our team has years of training and experience. You can trust that they will use their expertise to design a security plan to fit your specific needs. This plan takes into consideration your concerns, budget restrictions, security goals, your industry, past criminal activity, and the layout of your building or worksite. We then design security strategies that will provide the best possible security to suit your needs and budget.

At Vigilant Private Security, we stand behind our low prices. If you receive a quote from a competitor that is lower than ours, we will be happy to match or beat their price.

Serving the Security Needs of All Types of Businesses, Events & Property Owners in Farmers Branch

Vigilant Private Security provides security at a wide variety of venues, buildings, and locations throughout the DFW area including:

  • Private events
  • Construction sites
  • Colleges and universities
  • Schools
  • Research facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels and motels
  • Homeowner associations
  • Office buildings
  • Film sets
  • Parking structures
  • Retail stores and malls
  • Transportation facilities
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Industrial facilities

We are a licensed private patrol operator with a team of guards who all have their registered guard cards from the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. We also have a C7 license from the Texas State License Board to install closed circuit video cameras, alarms, and motion sensors anywhere in Farmers Branch. We are also fully bonded and insured. Call us today to learn more.

Logistical Services for Farmers Branch Businesses: Docking Designation, Inventory Tracking & More

Vigilant Private Security provides Farmers Branch’s transportation companies with expert logistical and security services. By having our licensed and experienced uniformed security guards assist with your logistics, you can ensure that your records will be accurate and complete; theft and employee pilfering will be reduced; and your operations will proceed smoothly. Our security and logistical services are customized to the needs of our client, but can include OSHA audit requirement fulfillment, inspections, management of truck arrivals and departures, inventory control, detailed record keeping, and patrols.

Fire Watch Services in Farmers Branch – Meets Texas Fire Code Requirements

Texas’s Fire Code requires that you designate a person whose sole responsibility will be to watch for fires and be ready to contact your local fire department, in the event that your building is occupied and your fire alarms or sprinkler systems are not working. Our dedicated and affordable fire watch services are ideal for any high occupancy building in Farmers Branch. We have trained our guards to patrol designated areas and identify early signs of fire or hazardous material emergencies. In the event of a fire, they will contact the fire department and assist with evacuation procedures.

24-Hour Alarm Response, Investigation & Verification for Farmers Branch

Having your local police department respond to a false alarm at your Farmers Branch business or home can result in a significant fine as well as additional fees if you haven’t registered your alarm system or require multiple visits from the police.

With Vigilant Private Security’s 24-hour alarm response service, you can avoid these unnecessary fees. We’ll continuously monitor your alarm system, and promptly respond when your alarm is triggered. A uniformed guard in a marked vehicle will arrive promptly to patrol your property, investigate the cause of the alarm, and ensure that your premises are safe. If criminal activity or another emergency is verified, they will immediately contact the police or fire department.

Wireless Security Camera Systems for Farmers Branch Properties

Vigilant Private Security has an active C7 license from Texas’s Contractors State License Board, which means that we are qualified to install low voltage wireless security systems. We specialize in motion detector sensors, closed-circuit video systems, and lighting. This equipment can be rented at affordable rates, and monitored by security professionals 24/7.

End-of-Day Lock Up & Alarm Services for Farmers Branch Stores, Offices & Construction Sites

Vigilant Private Security offers expert, dependable lock up and alarm services 24 hours a day to Farmers Branch office buildings, facilities, construction sites, and retail stores. Our guards will do a walkthrough of your premises, ensure that everyone has left, check that all access points are securely locked, and that your alarm is properly set. This affordably priced service will reduce the opportunities for theft and trespassing, allow you to rest easier knowing that your property is securely locked, and might even reduce the cost of your business liability insurance.

Mobile Patrol Services in Farmers Branch – By Foot, Bike, Golf Cart or Vehicle

For experienced, reliable, and cost-effective security patrol services in Farmers Branch, choose Vigilant Private Security. Our 24/7 mobile patrol services can be conducted by foot, bike, golf cart, or vehicle. All of our patrols provide a highly visible type of security to greatly discourage noncompliant or criminal behavior. Call us today and we’ll recommend the ideal type of patrol service for your Farmers Branch property as well as provide an extremely competitive price.

Licensed Standing Security Guards, Farmers Branch

Our standing guards are perfect for deterring criminals, encouraging compliance with rules, and promoting a general sense of safety for your patrons or tenants. We will place standing guards in any Farmers Branch building complex, community facility, parking lot, store, hospital, hotel, gated neighborhood, equipment yard, or construction site. We assign guards based upon their strengths, personality, skill set, and experience. We have guards that can be perfectly suited to foster a welcoming and friendly environment in a gated community, or create a serious and professional appearance for your business front.

Our Farmers Branch security guards are fully licensed, and thoroughly trained in all critical aspects of private security: power to arrest, observe and report, emergency response, crowd control, enforcement of rules and regulations, post order duties, public relations, communications, patrol, and terrorism and WMD awareness. They also receive ongoing education to keep them current on industry best practices and to learn about industry-specific security needs. Further, most of our guards go on to receive certification in CPR/first aid, and permits to carry batons, pepper spray, and firearms.

Security for Private Parties and Events in Farmers Branch

Our guards are trained to provide the private security you need to create a safe and welcoming environment at any Farmers Branch public or private event. Our event security services include event access control, traffic coordination, VIP escort, crowd management, ticket taking, parking enforcement, bags and belongings search, evacuation planning, and mobile patrols. Contact us now to start creating a security plan for your community event, fundraiser, sporting event, private party, or concert in Farmers Branch.

Call today for our best-in-class security services including Private Security Guards Farmers Branch, Armed Security Guards Farmers Branch, Construction Site Security Guards Farmers Branch, and Firewatch Security Guards Farmers Branch.

Vigilant Private Security – Farmers Branch, Texas (TX)