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Security Guards Grand PrairieVigilant Private Security is a trusted provider of highly trained and licensed armed and unarmed guards for private security needs in Grand Prairie, Westchester, and Lennox. Our guards are available for short-term and long-term security posts that involve standing guard watch, mobile patrols, logistics, parking enforcement, event security, fire watch, alarm response, lockup, and logistics. We tailor our security services to your needs using a comprehensive professional assessment, and provide a rate that will meet or beat any competitor’s. Our management team has more than 60 years of security experience and our security officers are all licensed by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. Our security services such as Private Security Guards Grand Prairie, Armed Security Guards Grand Prairie, Construction Site Security Guards Grand Prairie, and Firewatch Security Guards Grand Prairie, are available 24 hours a day, 7 day a week.

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Don’t Take a Chance with Your Safety; Call Vigilant Private Security to Protect Your Grand Prairie, Texas Property

Neighborhood Scout, a leading provider of location-based data and risk analysis, indicates that Grand Prairie’s property crime rates are comparable to the rest of the state; however, its rates for violent crimes (assault, robbery, rape, and murder) are much higher than those of both the state and the nation.

If you are looking to provide greater protection and security for your property, patrons, tenants, and employees, rely on Vigilant Private Security. We have been serving Grand Prairie for years and understand the security needs of those who work and live in our area. We are a licensed private patrol operator (PPO #16519) with a C7 license from the Contractors State License Board of Texas. We are authorized to provide comprehensive private security services as well as low voltage wireless surveillance equipment and alarm installations. Our guards protect, secure, and patrol properties and buildings of all types and sizes, including executive offices, distribution centers, transportation companies, malls, retail stores, homeowner association properties, film production locations, schools, universities, industrial/manufacturing facilities, private and public events, hotels, motels, hospitals, and construction sites.

Vigilant Private Security is licensed, bonded, and insured; and a member of Texas Association of Licensed Security Agencies, Guards and Associates or TALSAGA, and the Better Business Bureau.

Customized Security Plans for Grand Prairie Commercial & Residential Clients

As a client of ours, you will receive a customized security plan. We believe that the key to developing a successful security plan is to invest the time necessary to completely understand your particular vulnerabilities, risks, business, industry, location, and security challenges/opportunities. Once we have all the information we need, we will create a plan that will meet your distinct security goals and budget. This plan determines which guards we send to your Grand Prairie post, what their post order duties will be, and where they will be stationed or what patrol routes they will complete. Once we put this plan into action, we will monitor its success by checking in frequently with you and by conducting on-site visits.

Vigilant Private Security: Your Best Source for Trustworthy and Dependable Security Guards for Sites in Grand Prairie, TX

All of our security officers that serve the Grand Prairie, Westchester, and Lennox area are fully trained and licensed. Their initial and ongoing training addresses a wide range of topics, including, but not limited to: power to arrest, communications, public relations, compelling obedience, patrols, emergency response, observe and report, post orders, terrorism and WMD awareness, fire watch, alarm response, and industry-specific security needs. Before we deploy a guard to your site, we’ll always consider which guard(s) will best serve your Grand Prairie business or community, such as personality traits, skill sets, general appearance, experience, and additional permits or certifications.

Lockup & Alarm Services to Properly Secure Your Grand Prairie Business at Closing

Vigilant Private Security provides professional lockup and alarm services for office buildings, construction sites, retail stores, shopping centers, vehicle storage lots, and other facilities across Grand Prairie, Westchester, and Lennox. Our guards are trained to do a walkthrough of your premises, ensure that everyone has left, check that all access points are securely locked, and set your alarm. This service is affordably priced and effective at ensuring that your property is secure at the end of each day.

Security & Logistics for Grand Prairie’s Transportation and Distribution Facilities

The guards at Vigilant Private Security provide expert logistical services for transportation and distribution companies in Grand Prairie, Westchester, and Lennox. By combining logistics with our security tactics, we effectively reduce employee pilfering, theft, and trespassing. Our logistical services help your operations proceed smoothly; provide accurate and complete records; and free your staff to accomplish more of their other duties. Our security and logistical services are customized to your needs, and can include:

  • Management of vehicle/truck arrivals and departments
  • Inspections
  • Inventory control
  • Truck logs
  • Detailed records of material and equipment movement
  • Mobile patrols
  • OSHA audit requirement fulfillment
  • and more.

Wireless Security System Installation & Monitoring Services in Grand Prairie by a C7 Licensed Contractor

Vigilant Private Security is a C7 licensed contractor for low voltage systems, which includes alarms, wireless motion detectors, closed-circuit video equipment, and lighting. Our video equipment is all IP-based which permits remote viewing. We provide expert installation services and can rent this equipment at highly affordable rates on a short-term or long-term basis. Our security professionals can also be contracted to monitor your surveillance equipment for any period of time, and when necessary investigate suspicious activity.

Mobile Patrol Guard Services in Grand Prairie, TX

Vigilant Private Security’s security guards are trained to conduct highly visible patrols on unpredictable schedules and routes. This patrol method discourages would-be criminals, and improves safety at your Grand Prairie property. Our security patrol services are highly professional, responsive, dependable, and available 24 hours a day. Best of all, our patrol services are available at great rates.

Patrols can be done on foot, on a bike, or in a marked golf cart or vehicle to accommodate all property sizes and terrains in Grand Prairie. While we use an electronic Detex tracking system to verify that our guards are patrolling and inspecting predetermined areas, we also encourage them to use an unpredictable tour route and schedule in order to make it difficult for a criminal to predict when they will be by.

Event Security for Gatherings of All Sizes in Grand Prairie

Our event security services are ideal of all types of events in Grand Prairie:

  • Private dinners
  • Fundraisers
  • Concerts
  • Parties
  • Sporting events
  • Street fairs
  • Races
  • Festivals

We can provide armed or unarmed guards to create a safe, secure, and comfortable environment for all of your event’s attendees. Event security can include door supervision, ticket taking, crowd management, event access control, bags and belongings search, parking enforcement, evacuation planning, lost children management, traffic directing, fire watch, and mobile patrols. Give us a call to start creating a security plan for your private or public event in Grand Prairie today.

We Provide Fast, 24-Hour Alarm Response Services to Grand Prairie, Texas

Vigilant Private Security’s 24-hour alarm response services for the City of Grand Prairie will continuously monitor your alarm system and dispatch guards to promptly investigate and patrol your property if it gets triggered. If criminal activity or another emergency is suspected or verified, they will immediately contact the proper authorities as well as issue a report with all observations. Alarm permits and monitoring services are generally required and help you avoid fines that result if Grand Prairie police need to respond to a false alarm.

Expert Fire Watch Services, Grand Prairie – Meets Texas Fire Code and OSHA Requirements

Texas’s Fire Code requires that you designate a person whose sole responsibility will be to watch for fires and be prepared to contact the fire department, if your sprinkler system or fire alarms are out of service while your building is occupied. Our affordable fire watch services are ideal for any high occupancy building in Grand Prairie. We have trained our guards to patrol designated areas and identify the early warning signs of fire or hazardous material emergencies. In the event of a fire/hazardous materials emergency, they will contact the fire department as well as assist with evacuation procedures.

Vigilant Private Security is proud to serve all of Grand Prairie’s neighborhoods, and more. Call us today for our best-in-class security services including Private Security Guards Grand Prairie, Armed Security Guards Grand Prairie, Construction Site Security Guards Grand Prairie, and Firewatch Security Guards Grand Prairie.

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