Reliable & Affordable Private Security Guard Services for Keller, TX

Security Guards KellerVigilant Private Security is one of Texas’ premier private security contractors providing dedicated services such as Private Security Guards Keller, Armed Security Guards Keller, Construction Site Security Guards Keller, and Firewatch Security Guards Keller to Keller businesses, gated communities, and event managers. We provide high quality guard and patrol services at very competitive prices. Every client we work with receives an innovative security plan that is tailored to their unique goals and circumstances. Having a management team with 60-plus years of experience allows us to serve the needs of a diverse clientele, from commercial clients that need professional security guards, to HOA’s that need a friendly gate guard, to construction sites that need guards who can provide a highly visible and authoritative presence. Call today for a free consultation and quote.

The security officers at Vigilant Private Security are trained to provide the following services:

  • Standing guard watch
  • Emergency response
  • Fire watch
  • Lock up and alarm
  • Logistics
  • Parking enforcement
  • Crowd control
  • Event security
  • Foot, bike and vehicle patrols
  • Observation and reporting
  • Terrorism and weapons of mass destruction awareness

Our services such as Private Security Guards Keller, Armed Security Guards Keller, Construction Site Security Guards Keller, and Firewatch Security Guards Keller and more are available 24 hours a day anywhere in Keller, which is critical for some companies that need round-the-clock surveillance, fire watch, alarm response, or protection. This means that we ensure that our guards, management team, and dispatchers are always ready and able to serve you when you need them.

Vigilant Private Security is a licensed Private Patrol Operator that strictly abides by the standards set by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. We also are members of the BBB (Better Business Bureau). We are fully bonded and exceed the state’s insurance requirements for general liability, workman’s compensation, and commercial automotive insurance.

Comprehensive, Custom Private Security Services for Keller, TX

As a provider of an array of security guard services and wireless surveillance systems, Vigilant Private Security is qualified to be your full-service private security firm. We specialize in tailoring our security services such as Private Security Guards Keller, Armed Security Guards Keller, Construction Site Security Guards Keller, and Firewatch Security Guards Keller and more to meet the unique requirements of each of our Keller customers. We expertly serve the security needs of transportation companies, hotels, motels, office buildings, HOA’s, hospitals, schools, industrial facilities, manufacturing facilities, events, construction sites, filming locations, and more. In every case, we stay focused on not only presenting the appearance of security, but actually improving safety, reducing criminal activity, and providing substantial assistance with general duties such as logistics and parking enforcement.

In order to understand the needs of each account, we start with a comprehensive consultation at your Keller location where we learn about your industry, property, history, concerns, budget, and security goals. Clients can receive specific services such as lock up and alarm, or explore how one or more of our guards could fulfill several needs, such as truck inspection, patrol duties, gate access control, and equipment/inventory log maintenance. In either case, you will be provided with a quote that is sure to meet or beat any competitor’s price. You may decide to hire us on a temporary or contracted basis. Once we agree upon the terms, we will create post order duties from your security plan, and train our guards to accomplish them.

Call us today. Vigilant Private Security is sure to deliver high quality security with the flexibility you are looking for. We are available 24 hours a day. Call us today for a free consultation and price estimate for private security services such as Private Security Guards Keller, Armed Security Guards Keller, Construction Site Security Guards Keller, and Firewatch Security Guards Keller.

Wireless Security Equipment for Keller Jobsites, Homes & Offices by a C-7 Licensed Security Firm

In addition to being a licensed private patrol operator, Vigilant Private Security is also a C7 licensed contractor for low voltage systems, which includes closed-circuit video equipment, wireless motion detectors, and lighting. For our Keller customers, we can rent this equipment at highly cost-effective rates. Our security professionals would also be able to monitor your surveillance equipment 24 hours a day and investigate any suspicious activity. Call today for an on-site consultation and price estimate.

Mobile Patrol Services in Keller, TX – By Foot, Bike, Golf Cart or Vehicle

Vigilant Private Security is the ideal choice for reliable and professional security patrol services in Keller. Our mobile patrol services are available 24 hours a day, and can be done by foot, bike, golf cart, or vehicle to accommodate all terrains and property sizes. All of our patrols are easily identifiable and follow an unpredictable tour route in order to greatly discourage criminal activity and noncompliant behavior. Call us today. We’ll recommend the best type of patrol service for your Keller property, and provide a great rate.

Private Security Guards to Close & Secure Your Keller Business at the End of the Day

Vigilant Private Security provides dependable lock up and alarm services to properly secure any building, retail store, office, or construction site in Keller. Our guards are licensed and trained to do a walkthrough of your premises, ensure that everyone has left, check that all access points are securely locked, and properly set your alarm. This service is affordably priced and effective at ensuring that your property is securely locked at the end of each day.

Dedicated and Affordable Fire Watch Professionals Serving Keller

Texas Fire Code requires that you designate a person whose sole responsibility will be to watch for fires and be ready to contact that fire department, if your sprinkler system or fire alarms are out of service while your building is occupied. Our dedicated and affordable fire watch services are ideal for any high occupancy building in Keller. We have trained our guards to patrol designated areas and identify early signs of fire or hazardous material emergencies. In the event of a fire, they will contact the fire department and assist with evacuation procedures.

Special Events Security, Keller, TX

Our guards are trained to provide the private security you need to create a safe and welcoming environment at any Keller public or private event. Our event security services include VIP escorts, crowd management, event access control, parking enforcement, evacuation planning, traffic coordination, bags and belongings search, ticket taking, and mobile patrols. Call us today to start creating a security plan for your community event, sporting event, private party, or concert in Keller.

Security Alarm Response Services for Keller, TX Businesses & Homes

Did you know that having your local police respond to a false alarm at your Keller home or business can result in a hefty fine? To avoid this, it is recommended that you hire a private security firm to monitor your alarm system and first verify a criminal activity before the police are called. Guardian National Security’s 24-hour alarm response services will continuously monitor your system and respond quickly to investigate your property if your alarm gets triggered. A uniformed guard in a marked vehicle will arrive promptly to patrol your property and ensure that your premises are safe. If criminal activity or another emergency is verified, they will immediately contact the police or fire department.

Professional Logistics & Security Services, Keller, TX

Vigilant Private Security provides transportation companies in Keller with expert logistical and security services. By having our licensed and trained uniformed security guards assist with your logistics, you can ensure that your operations will proceed smoothly; your records will be accurate and complete; and theft and employee pilfering will be reduced. Our security and logistical services are customized to the needs of our clients, but often include inspections, inventory control, management of vehicle/truck arrivals and departures, detailed record keeping, patrols, OSHA audit requirement fulfillment, and more. Call us today for a free quote.

Armed and Unarmed Security Officers Serving Keller, TX

Vigilant Private Security puts great thought into all of our Keller accounts, from custom-designed security plans to determining the best guard for your post. We consider the appearance, personality, expertise, and experience in matching our guards and determine which assignments they are best suited for. Our guards are thoroughly trained in the critical aspects of private security: power to arrest, observe and report, enforcement of rules and regulations, compelling obedience, post orders, communications, public relations, terrorism and WMD awareness, patrols, and emergency response. They also receive ongoing education to keep them up-to-date on industry best practices and industry-specific security needs. Further, some of our elite guards go on to receive certification in CPR/first aid, and permits to carry pepper spray, batons, and firearms.

Call us today for our best-in-class services that include, but are not limited to, Private Security Guards Keller, Armed Security Guards Keller, Construction Site Security Guards Keller, and Firewatch Security Guards Keller.

Vigilant Private Security – Keller, TX