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Security Guards LancasterVigilant Private Security is Lancaster’ best choice for affordable and reliable private security services such as Private Security Guards Lancaster, Armed Security Guards Lancaster, Construction Site Security Guards Lancaster, and Firewatch Security Guards Lancaster. As a full-service private security company, we offer expert standing guard, mobile patrol, alarm response, fire watch, and lock up and alarm services by highly qualified security officers. We have more than 15 years of experience and a solid reputation for providing professional and reliable services that significantly improve safety and security. The quality of our security service has not only earned us thousands of satisfied clients, but also the “Best of Garden Grove Award in Security Guard and Patrol Services” in 2009, which was awarded to us by the U.S. Commerce Association.

To explore how Vigilant Private Security (PPO#17035) can improve the safety and security of your Lancaster site, call 1-855-518-9800 today. We welcome short-term, long-term, and last-minute assignments. When you contact us to tell us about your needs, we’ll provide you with a free security consultation to assess your security needs and how we can best serve you our best-in-class security services that include, but are not limited to Private Security Guards Lancaster, Armed Security Guards Lancaster, Construction Site Security Guards Lancaster, and Firewatch Security Guards Lancaster.

7 Reasons to Choose Vigilant Private Security

  1. All our guards are extensively trained, thoroughly screened, and fully licensed.
  2. Vigilant Private Security is licensed, bonded, and insured with a $3,000,000 general liability insurance policy and a $1,000,000 workers comp policy.
  3. We keep our rates extremely competitive without compromising the quality of our security services.
  4. We stay up to date on the industry’s latest and best practices through our memberships with ASIS International and IACSP (International Association for Counterterrorism & Security Professionals.
  5. We’re one of the few security companies in Texas that fully meets the requirements set by the Department of Consumer Affairs Skills Training Courses For Security Guards.
  6. We provide each of our Lancaster clients with customized security plans.
  7. We treat every client as if they are our only client, which translates to personalized service, open communication, and a willingness to do whatever it takes to make our clients happy.

Our Lancaster Security Services

Parking Lot Security Guard Services, Lancaster, TX

If your retail store, shopping center, or business park in Lancaster is looking to invest in security, it is recommended that you also consider parking lot security. Recent studies have shown that almost 80% of crime that occurs at these locations takes place in their associated parking lots rather than inside the actual place of business. As such, to have the greatest impact on the safety and security of your private property, it makes sense to integrate parking lot security into your overall security plan. Vigilant Private Security parking lot security guard services are not only affordable but also very effective at discouraging trespassing, vandalism, theft, loitering, and other criminal activity. Call us at 1-855-518-9800 today to start discussing how safety and security can be improved at your Lancaster parking lot.

Lobby & Front Reception Security, Lancaster, TX

Vigilant Private Security provides Lancaster businesses with cost-effective, highly specialized front desk security services. This service is provided by extensively trained security guards who understand the important role they play in your business. As such, they are focused on not only enforcing your company’s rules and regulations, but also providing an enhanced level of customer service. By providing both security and concierge services, you’ll create a more positive and professional impression to both your employees and guests. Call 1-855-518-9800 today to discuss how our front desk/lobby security services can serve your Lancaster business.

Motel/Hotel Security Guards, Lancaster, TX

Call Vigilant Private Security at 1-855-518-9800 for Lancaster best security services for hotels and motels. Our security services designed specifically for the hospitality industry balance guest safety with customer service. These services usually involve having one or more of our professional guards stand watch in your lobby area and/or perform regular patrols around your property. As part of their responsibilities, our hotel and motel security guards take responsibility for responding to guest complaints, handling unruly behavior, providing in-house security for events/parties, investigating alarms, dealing with trespassers, and helping guests as needed. Talk to our security experts today to have a hotel/motel security plan designed specifically for your needs in Agoura hills.

Retail Store & Mall Security Guard Services, Lancaster, TX

Vigilant Private Security is proud to offer some of the best guard services in Texas to Lancaster stores and shopping centers/malls. We have armed and unarmed guards who are trained in stationary guarding, mobile patrols, alarm response, emergency response, fire watch, lock up and alarm, parking enforcement, crowd control, crime/loss prevention, first aid and CPR, public relations, communication, powers to arrest, and other security topics. Despite the superior quality of our guards, we still manage to offer exceptionally competitive rates. Call 1-855-518-9800 today for a free estimate. Potential and existing client inquiries are always kept confidential.

Security Guards for Apartments and Condominiums, Lancaster, TX

Vigilant Private Security provides professional, quality guard services to serve the security needs of Lancaster apartment complexes and condominium buildings. Our guards have all completed their requisite 40 hours of training and received their BSIS guard card, continue to receive security training from our management team, and excel at protecting people and properties while reducing/preventing crimes. When they are assigned to community-based posts, such as residential neighborhoods, apartments, and condominiums, they make a concerted effort to go above and beyond in their level of customer service. By fostering a sense of community in your Lancaster property, our guards build trust amongst your residents and are better able to identify unusual circumstances. Call 1-855-518-9800 today to arrange an on-site security consultation.

Security Guard Services for Gated Communities, Lancaster, TX

At its most basic, security for gated communities involves controlled access throughout the property, strategic lighting, a clearly outlined emergency and evacuation plan, and possibly surveillance equipment and alarms. To achieve the next level of safety, most Lancaster gated communities find that they need to invest in private security guard services. At Vigilant Private Security, we have over 15 years of experience serving the security needs of residential communities and can design a comprehensive security plan to meet them while staying within our clients’ budgets. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured, and can provide services on a short-term or long-term basis. Call us at 1-855-518-9800 today for a free on-site security consult and recommendation.

Event Security Guard Services, Lancaster, TX

Vigilant Private Security has provided customized event security services in Lancaster at affordable prices for over 15 years. Our event security services include access control, ID verification, bag checks, crowd management, emergency planning, VIP escort, loss prevention, parking enforcement, traffic control, guard patrols, and fire watch. All services are performed by our exceptionally trained and fully licensed security guards, who can be dispatched as armed or unarmed guards in uniforms or plain clothes. Our guards can be booked on short notice for around-the-clock security, protection, and surveillance. Call 1-855-518-9800 today to tell us about your Lancaster event. We can help you create a comprehensive security plan that will fit your budget and meet your needs.

Education Facility Security Guards, Lancaster, TX: Schools, Universities, & College Campuses

At Vigilant Private Security, we understand how important security at schools, universities, and colleges has become. That’s why we offer Lancaster area educational facilities with exceptional security guard services at very affordable rates. We can provide security services on a short-term or long-term basis with our flexible month-to-month contract, and meet the strictest of requirements for private security firms. Our company is licensed, bonded, and insured with 15 years of incident-free experience, and all of our guards are thoroughly screened, fully certified, and extensively trained. Call 1-855-518-9800 today for a free security consult.

Construction Site Security Guards, Lancaster, TX

Vigilant Private Security offers very affordable guard services to reduce theft, trespassing, and vandalism at Lancaster construction sites. As a construction company or contractor, you understand the value of your materials and equipment, and that loss prevention from both internal and external theft is a major priority. To ensure that you limit your losses, Vigilant Private Security uses the industry’s best practices for Lancaster construction site security. Depending upon the size and layout of your site, your budget, and what you need protected, our security plan may include all or some of the following services: stationary or mobile patrol guards, strategically placed lighting and motion detectors, surveillance cameras, alarm systems, lock up and alarm, alarm monitoring and response, access control, material watch log, and more.

Call 1-855-518-9800 today to schedule your free consultation for our industry-best security services such as Private Security Guards Lancaster, Armed Security Guards Lancaster, Construction Site Security Guards Lancaster, and Firewatch Security Guards Lancaster.

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