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Security Guards MansfieldVigilant Private Security provides customized security strategies for residential neighborhoods, businesses, and events throughout Mansfield. Our affordable and professional private security services, which include Private Security Guards Mansfield, Armed Security Guards Mansfield, Construction Site Security Guards Mansfield, and Firewatch Security Guards Mansfield are effective at discouraging unwanted activity (crime, vandalism, theft, graffiti, trespassing, loitering, etc.) while fostering a general sense of safety for your residents, tenants, and patrons. We frequently provide security for:

  • Warehouses and storage facilities
  • Parking lots and vehicle storage locations
  • Hotels and motels
  • Executive office buildings
  • Homeowner associations, condominiums, apartments
  • Group living facilities: retirement homes, nursing homes
  • Industrial and manufacturing facilities
  • Educational establishments: schools, colleges, universities
  • Special events: concerts, races, fundraisers, sporting events, community events
  • Remote worksites: construction sites, on location filming
  • Private parties: weddings, company holiday parties, birthdays, quinceaneras
  • Transportation facilities
  • Hospitals and medical facilities

Our services include monitoring and controlling door/gate access, event security, logistics, patrol, lockup and alarm, emergency response, alarm response, parking enforcement, customer service, fire watch, and surveillance, as well as Private Security Guards Mansfield, Armed Security Guards Mansfield, Construction Site Security Guards Mansfield, and Firewatch Security Guards Mansfield. We are equipped to provide all of these services 24 hours a day anywhere in Mansfield. Additionally, we offer incredibly low rates and customized security plans so that we can accommodate a wide variety of clients and budgets.

Contact us today for a free consultation and quote. We are so sure that you will be impressed by the quality of our services that we welcome our Mansfield clients to use our security guards on a trial basis.

Why Those in Mansfield Choose Us for All Their Private Security Needs

Vigilant Private Security aims to be the premier provider of private security services such as Private Security Guards Mansfield, Armed Security Guards Mansfield, Construction Site Security Guards Mansfield, and Firewatch Security Guards Mansfield in the Mansfield area. To this end, we have integrated many of the industry’s best practices into our standard operating procedures:

We use state-of-the-art technology, such as Detex electronic tracking and time clock systems, to verify our guards’ attentiveness, patrol routes, and presence. We offer ongoing, up-to-date training to all of our security officers that meets and exceeds the training required by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. We provide our clients with the contact numbers for their assigned guards and managers, as well as our dispatch service.

Frequently solicit client feedback so that we can ensure that their needs are being met. Managers routinely visit security guards at their site and make sure that they are completing all of their post order duties.

The majority of our Mansfield clients tell us that what they appreciate most is our willingness to customize our services to their needs and budget without compromising our quality of service. While we start with a custom-designed security plan for every client, we are always happy to adjust the plan as needed or requested. Additionally, we will change the security guard assigned to your site at your request or if we think that another guard has the personality, skill set, or expertise to better serve your needs.

Vigilant Private Security is a member of the Better Business Bureau. We are also fully licensed, bonded, and insured.

Comprehensive Security Services, Mansfield, TX

Vigilant Private Security proudly provides a full range of services including Private Security Guards Mansfield, Armed Security Guards Mansfield, Construction Site Security Guards Mansfield, and Firewatch Security Guards Mansfield to meet the complete security needs of any business, event, or residential community in Mansfield. All of our guards are licensed by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services, and trained in power to arrest, terrorism and weapons of mass destruction awareness, public relations, communication, crowd control, emergency response, surveillance, crime deterrence, and more. Some are also permitted to carry firearms, batons, or pepper spray, and most are certified to perform CPR/first aid.

We make it a priority to provide guards that you can trust to represent your company. Our guards are taught to always be presentable, alert, amiable, and focused on their post order responsibilities. Our standing guards can be positioned at guard shacks, front lobby areas, front desks, or other access points that require greater security. They can also perform patrols. Mobile patrols are usually done on foot for malls, office buildings, or other small spaces, but can also be performed on a bike, in a golf cart, or in a vehicle for larger patrol routes. In either case, they provide fast response times and high visibility.

Whether you prefer mobile or stationary guards, our guards can be assigned to any number of duties, from controlling gate or door access to inspecting trucks. Since they are trained in all aspects of private security, they are prepared to enforce rules and regulations, provide fire watch services, respond to emergencies, lockup and secure your premises, and assist with general duties. Best of all, all of our guard services are competitively priced. Call today to learn more and to schedule your free consultation.

Logistics & Security Designed for the Transportation Industry – Mansfield, Texas

For many transportation and distribution companies in Mansfield, cargo theft is a very real problem. At Vigilant Private Security, our security and logistical services will help to protect your cargo, merchandise, equipment, and materials. Because movement of cargo is a necessary part of your business, we believe that keeping close track of your inventory is critical. That is why we have integrated logistics into our transportation security services. We can assist in inspecting all trucks, tracking arrival and departure of vehicles, docking designations, recording movement of materials and equipment. We will adjust our post order guard duties to meet your precise needs. Call today for more information.

Security, Alarm & Camera Systems for Businesses & HOAs in Mansfield, TX

You can improve security at your Mansfield location with our affordable and effective surveillance equipment. We rent alarm systems, closed-circuit video camera equipment, and motion detection sensors for short- and long-term use. This type of equipment is ideal for reducing criminal activity and other undesired behaviors at Mansfield construction sites, offices, parking garages, retail stores, and gated neighborhoods.

Motion sensors can be setup to activate lighting, or trigger an alarm that our guards will investigate. Video cameras are IP-based so we can view them remotely and watch for any suspicious activity at your Mansfield site. Additionally, we can install lighting around your cameras for better viewing. No matter your surveillance needs, you can trust the security experts at Vigilant Private Security. Our management team has more than 60 years of collected experience, and they know how to get the best security out of our wireless security systems.

Become a Security Guard, Mansfield, TX

Vigilant Private Security is looking for quality applicants who are interested in building a career in the security industry. We serve clients in Mansfield as well as throughout the Greater LA area. Interested applicants should be professional, experienced, and dedicated to learning about private security. You will need to pass a series of interviews with our management team to ensure that you are a good fit for our clientele, and also pass drug tests and a background check. In return, you will be building a career with an excellent and well-respected security company that provides great benefits, a supportive team, and ongoing training.

Call us today for our best-in-class security services such as Private Security Guards Mansfield, Armed Security Guards Mansfield, Construction Site Security Guards Mansfield, and Firewatch Security Guards Mansfield.

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