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Security Guards SunnyvaleOur commercial, residential, and industrial guard services include mobile patrolling (by foot, bicycle, golf cart, and patrol car), standing guard, fire watch, concierge/front desk security, lock up and alarm, 24/7 alarm response, event security, and private parking enforcement. These services effectively reduce our Sunnyvale client’s losses, risk, liabilities, and vulnerabilities. Our personnel consist of security industry experts who know how to create highly effective security plans that are tailored to the needs of each client, their site, and what they want protected.

With Vigilant Private Security, you can always count on our exceptional guard services, personalized customer service, and affordable rates. We’ll start by customizing a security plan with detailed post orders to meet your individualized needs and then have one of our reliable and professional guards implement them. Our security guards have all been carefully screened and have passed extensive background checks and drug testing. They have all completed their training in mandatory private security subjects, such as powers to arrest, public relations, observation and documentation, weapons of mass destruction and terrorism, communication, and liability/legal aspects as well as receive ongoing training to refresh and expand their knowledge. Many of our guards have also completed several additional courses, such as CPR/first aid; firearms training; post orders and assignments; employer policies/orientation; evacuation procedures; access control; officer safety; laws, codes, regulations, and ordinances; trespass; workplace violence; handling difficult people; and arrests, search, and seizure. With their extensive knowledge and first-hand experience, our DPS (Department of Public Safety) certified private security officers are prepared to secure and protect any Sunnyvale property and its inhabitants.

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Vigilant Private Security is a licensed, bonded, and insured private patrol operator and one of the few private security companies in Texas that is in full compliance with Consumer Affairs’ Skills Training Course for Security Guards (the institution that sets the standard for all DPS security guard training in the state of Texas). We’re active members of IACSP (International Association for Counterterrorism & Security Professionals) and ASWI (Advancing Security Worldwide International) and carry $3,000,000 in general liability and $1,000,000 in worker’s compensation insurance.

Vigilant Private Security Services

At Vigilant Private Security we provide corporate offices, retail stores, shopping malls, medical facilities, construction sites, industrial facilities, parking lots, schools, university, religious institutions, non-profits, warehouses, gated neighborhoods, banks, motels/hotels, and a wide variety of other property types in Sunnyvale and beyond with comprehensive security services.
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  • Armed security guard services in Sunnyvale
  • Unarmed security guard services in Sunnyvale
  • Mobile patrol services in Sunnyvale
  • Standing guard services in Sunnyvale
  • Event security in Sunnyvale
  • Private parking security and enforcement in Sunnyvale
  • Lock up and alarm services in Sunnyvale
  • Alarm response in Sunnyvale
  • Fire watch services in Sunnyvale

These services are available 24 hours a day for one-time, short-term, and long-term security needs. For temporary or permanent security assignments, we feature month-to- month contracts and very competitive rates. Security consultations are always free, confidential and can be provided at a location of your choice anywhere in Sunnyvale.

Mobile Patrol Services in Sunnyvale, Texas

Vigilant Private Security mobile patrol services make it possible for one or a few security guards to easily, effectively, and cost-efficiently patrol a wide variety of properties in Sunnyvale. With Vigilant Private Security’ foot, bike, and vehicle mobile patrol services, you can provide your Sunnyvale property with affordable, yet effective security and protection. Our professional mobile patrol services in Sunnyvale are provided by DPS-licensed security guards with extensive training and experience who can be armed or unarmed. To establish an effective patrol route, someone from our management team will design a customized security plan that will provide you with the most surveillance coverage and protection without going over your budget. Baldwin Park patrol services are available 24 hours a day for temporary and permanent needs. Call 1-855-518-9800 today for a free quote.

Standing Guard Services in Sunnyvale, Texas

One of the most popular security services amongst our Sunnyvale clients is our standing guard services. Standing guard services are provided by armed or unarmed guards who have received their license from Texas’s DPS (Bureau of Security and Investigative Services), who are extremely effective at reducing criminal activity or unwanted behaviors; protecting high-value property against vandalism, theft, and damage; enforcing rules and regulations; and providing a variety of client-specific tasks, such as: performing bag checks, issuing parking passes, monitoring security cameras, providing customer assistance. These uniformed guards will provide a professional appearance to your retail store, lobby, guard booth, event, or other space. Call licensed, bonded, and insured Vigilant Private Security today 1-855-518-9800 for a free security consultation and quote on our standing guard services in Sunnyvale.

Private Parking Security and Enforcement in Sunnyvale, Texas

Our private parking lot security and enforcement services are among the best in Sunnyvale. Our guards are particularly skilled and highly experienced in patrolling, monitoring, and securing both open parking lots, multi-floor parking garages, and underground parking lot structures. Our guards can also be trusted to enforce parking lot rules, administer parking permits and tickets, and provide customer service. Depending upon your security needs and preference, we can post our uniformed security guards at a designated booth or have them patrol your private parking lot on foot, by bike, or by vehicle (ideal mode of transportation is generally determined by your parking lot’s size and its degree of accessibility). Call 1-855-518-9800 Vigilant Private Security, (PPO #17035) today for unbeatable private parking security and enforcement services at cost-competitive rates in Sunnyvale.

Event Security in Sunnyvale, Texas

Reliable security is a must for any large or private event that you plan to hold in Baldwin Park. At Vigilant Private Security, we are proud to provide professional event security services that will protect your belongings, secure your premises, and keep your attendees safe. We’re trained to provide security services for weddings, concerts, outdoor festivals, private dinners and parties, sporting events, and community events. These services are available on short notice, affordably priced, and are always provided by DPS-licensed security guards. Call 1-855-518-9800 today to schedule professional event security services in Sunnyvale.

Fire Watch Services in Sunnyvale, Texas

Vigilant Private Security’ fire watch services for Sunnyvale sites are provided by highly trained, fully certified security guards at very competitive prices. As part of our fire watch services, your assigned guard (or guards) will arrive at your location on time, in uniform, and fully briefed on your fire safety and security needs. Throughout the contracted time, our guards will carefully circumnavigate your vulnerable areas, watch for any signs of fire or other hazardous conditions, record the times they made their rounds in designated logbooks, and stay prepared to contact the fire department if a fire or other dangerous situation is detected. By having our guards provide fire watch services for your Sunnyvale location while your sprinkler and/or fire alarm systems are not working or are under maintenance, you’ll ensure that your building and its occupants remain safe.

Lock Up and Alarm Services in Sunnyvale, Texas

Professional lock up and alarm services are highly effective in ensuring your Baldwin Park site and valuables remain secure after hours. This service involves having an Vigilant Private Security licensed security officer visit your Sunnyvale location at a predetermined time, inspect your premises, ensure that your building is fully vacated, secure all entry points, lock up your building, and set your alarm. We offer this service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for clients throughout Southern Texas at very affordable rates on both short-term and long-term bases. Call 1-855-518-9800 today for a free estimate and consultation.

24-Hour Alarm Response in Sunnyvale, Texas

If you have an alarm system that you actively use to monitor your residential, industrial, or commercial property in Sunnyvale, it is your responsibility to ensure that false alarms do not become a burden to local law enforcement. Having an intermediary such as Vigilant Private Guard, a local private patrol company that provides expert alarm monitoring and response services in Sunnyvale, can ensure that any triggered alarms will be promptly and thoroughly investigated. If our highly experienced guards determine it to be a false alarm, we will ensure your property is properly secured before resetting your alarm. If an alarm is verified and connected to a break in, trespassing, or other criminal activity, our officers will immediately contact the authorities on your behalf. Our team can also be relied upon to investigate fire alarms and other alarm systems. We offer this service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for clients throughout Sunnyvale at very competitive rates. Call Vigilant Private Security today 1-855-518-9800 if you are interested in our Sunnyvale alarm response services. We frequently work with low- to mid-budget operations and can develop a security solution to meet your needs at a very economical prices without sacrificing the quality or effectiveness of our services.

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