Vigilant Private Security–Security Guard Services such as Private Security Guards Weatherford, Armed Security Guards Weatherford, Construction Site Security Guards Weatherford, and Firewatch Security Guards Weatherford, in Weatherford

Security Guards WeatherfordVigilant Private Security offers our clients in Weatherford the best security services, including Private Security Guards Weatherford, Armed Security Guards Weatherford, Construction Site Security Guards Weatherford, and Firewatch Security Guards Weatherford, at the lowest possible rates available in Southern Texas. With each new client, we take the time to design a comprehensive security plan with customized post orders that specifically meets their security concerns, vulnerabilities, needs, expectations, and budget limitations. Then, our management team carefully selects one or more of our highly qualified and extensively trained security officers based upon who they feel can best fit the responsibilities of the assignment.

At Vigilant Private Security, because we understand that the quality of our security services is only as good as the quality of our security guards, we invest an incredible amount of time and energy in the screening, selection, training, and supervision of our guards. Our guards are required to pass a complete background check as well as a government e-verify check, drug test, and reference check; display a commitment to our code of ethics; obtain their DPS security guard; and receive ongoing training well beyond the 40 hours required by the state. When on assignment, our guards are required to check in and out with one of our dispatchers, and use a computerized system to track their position on an hourly basis. Our field supervisors also perform random on-site checks and communicate with our clients to ensure that we are meeting our Weatherford clients’ needs and that they are satisfied with the performance of our guards.

Call 1-855-518-9800 today for a free quote on our Weatherford private security services such as Private Security Guards Weatherford, Armed Security Guards Weatherford, Construction Site Security Guards Weatherford, and Firewatch Security Guards Weatherford. We offer comprehensive, professional guard services–including standing guards, patrol guards, lock up and alarm, alarm response, fire watch, event security, and parking enforcement–at incredibly competitive rates. Consultations are free and always confidential.

Our Weatherford Security Services by Industry

Hotel/Motel Security Services, Weatherford, TX

Contact Vigilant Private Security today for all of your hotel/motel security needs in Weatherford. Our hospitality-focused security balances guest safety with customer service, and generally involves assigning one of our licensed guards to stand watch in your lobby or to perform regular patrols around your property. Our hotel and motel guards take responsibility for responding to guest complaints, unruly behavior, unauthorized access or use of facilities, party security, and triggered alarms. Talk to our security experts today to have a security plan designed specifically for your Weatherford hotel or motel.

Retail/Shopping Mall Security Services, Weatherford, TX

Because retail stores and shopping malls have such large inventories of valuables as well as a constant crowd of distracted shoppers who usually carry cash and credit cards, it is critical that you have an effective security plan in place to reduce pickpocketing, shoplifting, and other crimes. At Vigilant Private Security, we provide high-quality guard services to Weatherford retailers to make their stores and shopping centers less attractive to criminals. These services include mobile patrols, surveillance, alarm monitoring and response, loss prevention, concierge, crowd control, lock up and alarm at closing, and more.

Parking Lot Security Services, Weatherford, TX

If your business, retail store, or shopping center in Weatherford is looking to invest in security, you may also want to consider parking lot security services. Studies have shown that nearly 80% of all crime that occurs at these locations takes place in the parking lot rather than inside the actual place of business. That’s why Vigilant Private Security has developed cost-effective guard services that are specifically designed to make parking facilities safer and more secure. Our parking lot security service ranges from stationary guards (usually stationed in a guard shack or kiosk) to mobile guards who perform ongoing patrol throughout your parking facility. Call 1-855-518-9800 us today to start discussing how safety and security can be improved at your Weatherford parking lot.

Gated Neighborhood Security Services, Weatherford, TX

For gated neighborhoods in the Weatherford area, Vigilant Private Security can supply professional gate guards who can be depended upon to serve a wide variety of security functions that are important to your community. Gate guards are often responsible for greeting residents, arranging for delivery access, announcing guests, responding to alarms, enforcing rules and access, investigating reports of suspicious persons or activities, and providing general customer service. Gate guards can be hired for short-term or long-term assignments at very affordable rates.

Apartments and Condominium Security Services, Weatherford, TX

Vigilant Private Security makes it convenient and affordable to hire a dependable, well-qualified, and professional security officer to guard your Weatherford apartment complex or condominium building. Our guards will not only improve security, but also cultivate a sense of community. Apartment and condominium security guards can be given a wide variety of post orders, including but not limited to guest and visitor access, alarm response, shared facility lock up, parking enforcement, and community rules enforcement. Call 1-855-518-9800 us today to tell us how we can meet your security needs in Weatherford.

Community Event and Festival Security Services, Weatherford, TX

With more than 20 years of incident-free experience, the team at Vigilant Private Security can be trusted to provide Weatherford with high-quality event security services. Over the years, we’ve supplied security guards for sporting events, fundraisers, community events, concerts, festivals, and other events throughout Southern Texas. In each case, we worked closely with event organizers to prepare a customized security plan and ensure that they had the well-trained guards they needed throughout the duration of their event, from setup to breakdown. Their security plans addressed how access would be controlled; how we would minimize criminal activity; how we will respond to emergencies; and how we can maximize the effectiveness of our security efforts while staying within your budget. This security plan is used to develop post order duties, which our guards are fully prepared to follow. Contact us for a free quote for all of your event security needs in Weatherford today.

School/College Security Services, Weatherford, TX

Vigilant Private Security is an excellent choice for providing security services for Weatherford area schools and colleges. That’s because our guards are extensively screened, thoroughly trained, and hand picked for their service-oriented mentality. They can be trusted to enforce your school’s rules and regulations; patrol your campus by foot, bike, or patrol car; and assist your students, teachers, staff, and visitors as needed. Call 1-855-518-9800 today for a free estimate. We are proud to give special discounted rates to schools, colleges, and other educational institutions in Weatherford.

Construction Site Security Services, Weatherford, TX

Vigilant Private Security armed and unarmed guard services are highly effective at discouraging would-be criminals from targeting the Weatherford construction sites we protect. By employing a variety of construction site security best practices, such as having highly visible security guards make unpredictable patrol routes and carefully follow lockup and alarm setting procedures, as well as installing strategically placed lights and motion detectors, our Weatherford clients have noticed a significant decline in theft, trespassing, and vandalism. Contact us today to learn more.

Lobby Area/Reception Security Services, Weatherford, TX

With Vigilant Private Security, our Weatherford reception area security guards serve a dual purpose: enhanced on-site security and higher quality customer service. In addition to having our guards perform a number of security protocols such as issuing employee/visitor badges, checking IDs, checking bags, etc., they can also provide a number of concierge duties, such as greeting guests, giving directions, distributing parking passes, managing supplies, coordinating deliveries, and announcing visitors. Our lobby/reception security services are customized to the needs of each Weatherford client and can be very cost effective when you consider the added value they provide. Call us today at 1-855-518-9800 to learn more.

As a licensed private patrol operator, Vigilant Private Security ensures that all of our security services are performed by highly trained and extensively screened secured guards who have all received their Bureau of Security and Investigative Services official guard cards. Additionally, we invest substantial time and energy to help our guards become knowledgeable in:

  • Guard duties and responsibilities
  • Adapting to site-specific needs
  • Communication
  • Public relations
  • Observing, logging, and reporting
  • Customer service
  • First aid and CPR
  • Health and safety
  • Crowd management
  • Fire safety
  • Access control and trespassing
  • Emergency planning
  • Evacuation procedures
  • Laws and liabilities
  • Loss prevention
  • Crime deterrence
  • Traffic control
  • Parking enforcement
  • Powers to arrest
  • Arrests, search and seizure

By providing our guards with an extensive knowledge base and by encouraging our guards to become specialists in certain types of security, we can provide Weatherford with security services that meets a wide range of needs while keeping our rates affordable and competitive.

To learn more about Vigilant Private Security exceptional and affordable guard services, click on any of the following links:

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  • Mobile Foot/Bike Patrol
  • Alarm Response
  • Lock Up & Alarm
  • Fire Watch
  • Private Parking Enforcement
  • Event Security

Or, simply give us a call at 1-855-518-9800. Vigilant Private Security (PPO#17035) we can provide you with pricing over the phone or visit your Weatherford property to perform a free on-site security consultation.

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