In general, it is the duty of a security guard to observe and report, interject if the situation requires it and provide a visible and alert presence, which will prevent most crime. Over the last two decades the role of the security guard has also morphed into a customer service job. Regardless, where the security guard is stationed he normally comes in contact with employees, customers or the general public. In that case he not only represents the company he works for, but also the client.

Vigilant Private Security Garland employs experienced security consultants with decades of experience in the security industry. The security consultants will meet with clients and will make recommendations for a security plan. The security plan and the client’s expectations will define the duties and responsibilities of a security guard at a specific post.

Vigilant Private Security Garland will ensure that security guards possess the necessary skills and training to follow post orders and provide world class customer service at each post they are employed. Clients are assured that they have peace of mind in regards to safety and security and that their company is represented well.

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