Many business owners, managers and property managers in McKinney and across the Dallas Fort Worth area will require a fire watch security guard service at some point or another. In most cities, including McKinney, the fire department will require fire watch security if any component of the fire alarm system is disabled or if water sprinklers or water access are not available. In that case the property is vulnerable in the case of fire in many ways. Either the fire will be detected when it is too late or it will be impossible for the fire department to fight the fire efficiently. The liability for the business owner or property manager is great, because lives and property are at risk. Fire is not only limited to the property one is responsible for, but it might affect bordering and nearby properties.

The fire department in McKinney requires the property owner or property manager to hire a security company that will provide an experienced fire watch security guard. The fire watch security guard will frequently patrol the property ensuring that there are no signs of fire or smoke, in case of fire or signs of fire the fire watch security guard will alert the fire department.

Every city and fire department has different requirements, including McKinney, but it is imperative to work with an experienced security company that will provide fire watch security guards that have provided fire watch numerous times. A good security consultant will review their client’s fire watch requirement and create a fire watch plan accordingly. All fire marshals require fire watch logs, which document the times and locations the fire watch security guard has patrolled. These logs will ensure that the client’s liability is minimized in case of a fire.

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It is imperative for a property or business manager in McKinney to talk to a security consultant and ask about the experience of the company with fire watches. Not following requirements set by the fire marshal in McKinney can not only lead to hefty fines, but in the worst case to loss of property and life. An experienced security consultant will minimize the client’s liability and risk. He will research all requirements and provide the fire watch security guards with all necessary reports, plans, and requirements. It might be a little more expensive to hire an experienced and professional security company in McKinney, but benefits outweigh the cost greatly. An experienced and professional company will advise you and provide professional fire watch security guards and detailed reports. That way they provide peace of mind the required knowledge and service.

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