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    Our armed security guards are trained and held accountable to be the best in the security industry. We guarantee our high level of armed security service

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    Our professional and highly trained armed security guards will protect the safety of your site You can always rely on our elite armed security guards.

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    VP Security Guards proudly stands as the leading provider of armed security services, offering comprehensive protection for individuals and properties across diverse settings such as government facilities, financial institutions, and busy shopping centers. Acclaimed for exceptional training, unparalleled professionalism, and outstanding service, our armed and uniformed security officers foster a secure atmosphere by proactively deterring crime and collaborating with law enforcement. Leveraging cutting-edge security technology and tailored training programs, we consistently deliver top-notch security solutions, custom-fit to clients’ distinct needs. Our officers’ presence and readiness provide a sense of safety, making VP Security Guards the go-to choice for superior security services.

    Armed Security Services: Comprehensive Protection

    VP Security Guards’ unwavering commitment to delivering comprehensive protection is evident through our exceptional armed security services. Our proficient officers undergo rigorous training in emergency response, hazard identification, risk mitigation, and terrorism threat response, ensuring a secure environment for clients. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, such as surveillance cameras and access control systems, we provide clients with a complete and efficient security solution. Our steadfast focus on continuous improvement and adaptability to the ever-evolving security landscape solidifies our position as a trustworthy choice for armed security services, offering unparalleled protection across industries and businesses.

    Private Armed Security: Highly Trained Professionals

    At VP Security Guards, we prioritize training and development, cultivating an elite group of private armed security professionals. Through comprehensive, client-specific training programs, our officers acquire cutting-edge knowledge and skills to deliver outstanding security services. Their expertise spans firearm handling, counter-terrorism response, and emergency protocols, making them invaluable assets in maintaining secure environments. Clients can confidently rely on VP Security Guards for a skilled and knowledgeable private armed security team, ensuring exceptional service from dedicated professionals who prioritize safety and security.

    Armed Security Companies Near Me: Local Expertise

    VP Security Guards, a distinguished local security company, specializes in customizing armed security services to address clients’ unique requirements. Our officers, equipped with essential skills, possess an in-depth understanding of local needs and regulations. This expertise allows us to offer tailored security solutions catering to clients’ specific concerns, providing a personalized approach to security. By concentrating on each community’s nuances, we reaffirm our commitment to delivering first-rate security services tailored to every client’s needs, ensuring both effectiveness and relevance in their specific environment.

    Armed Private Security: Discreet and Effective

    Our armed private security personnel at VP Security Guards excel in delivering discreet yet effective security solutions. Maintaining professionalism at all times, they interact courteously with clients, customers, and the public, ensuring a positive experience for everyone involved. Their conspicuous presence and readiness to address any threat play a pivotal role in crime prevention and safety maintenance across various settings. Clients can trust VP Security Guards for a subtle yet powerful approach to their security needs, guaranteeing peace of mind and allowing them to focus on their core business, knowing their safety is in capable hands.

    24/7 Armed Guards: Round-the-Clock Protection

    VP Security Guards provides unwavering, 24/7 armed guard services, offering clients round-the-clock protection. Our devoted officers work tirelessly to ensure our clients’ safety and security, addressing emergencies and supporting law enforcement as needed. Constantly seeking improvement and adaptation to meet clients’ evolving needs, we remain a trusted choice for security services. Our steadfast commitment to maintaining a secure environment instills confidence and peace of mind in our clients, knowing they are protected at all times. With VP Security Guards’ 24/7 armed guard services, clients can rest assured that their security is in the hands of dedicated professionals who prioritize their safety and well-being.


    VP Security Guards promises to be your first line of defense against all threats.

    #1 Armed Security Company in USA

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    We Provide Armed Security Guards For:

    Hotels & Motels

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    Hospitals & Dispensaries

    Construction Sites

    Business complexes

    Office Buildings

    Home owners associations

    Apartments & Condominiums

    Schools & Colleges 







      The Best Armed Security Guard Services

      Business Security

      Our business security guards are available 24/7 every day, providing vigilant protection. We will secure:


      Shopping Centers


      Construction Sites

      Office Buildings

      Home Owners Associations

      Apartments buildings and more…

      Private Security

      Highly trained and professional unarmed and armed private security guards for your security:


      Private Security

      Celebrity Security

      High Profile Security

      Executive Security

      Security for Residence

      Event Security

      Security Consultation

      Security consultants with decades of experience will analyze your security plan

      Identify Security Breaches

      Security Staffing Analysis

      Customized Security Plan

      Unique and specific post orders

      Security Training

      Disaster training

      Background checks

      Frequently Asked Question

      • How are our armed security guards trained?

        At VP Security Guards, we emphasize the significance of exceptional training for our armed security personnel, understanding that our clients' safety and the protection of their assets hinge on our guards' competence and professionalism. We offer rigorous training programs exceeding the 40-hour Power to Arrest Manual requirements, aligning with the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSiS) and California's state standards for armed security guards. Furthermore, on-the-job training is provided by experienced ex-military and law enforcement professionals, granting our guards the necessary tools and knowledge to excel in decision-making during high-pressure situations. We acknowledge each post's unique security requirements, ensuring guards receive tailored post-to-post order training to meet customer expectations and site-specific safety needs. At VP Security Guards, we take our armed security guards' training seriously, confident that our programs and trainers enable us to offer industry-leading armed security services. Choosing VP Security Guards guarantees you receive the most competent and professional armed security guards available.

      • What is the cost of hiring our armed security guards?

        While cost plays a role when hiring armed security guards, it shouldn't be the sole deciding factor. Armed security guard hourly rates may vary from $33.00 to $75.00, influenced by contract length, location, weekly hours, and potential liability. However, prioritizing a reputable security company with well-trained guards surpasses saving a few dollars per hour, as your property, assets, and personnel's security are at stake. VP Security Guards boasts a stellar reputation for delivering top-quality security services through experienced, well-trained armed security guards. We understand each client's unique security needs and offer customized solutions to address them. Our guards undergo rigorous training surpassing BSiS and California state standards, equipping them to make quick, precise decisions in high-stress scenarios. In conclusion, while considering armed security guards' cost, prioritize a security company's reputation, experience, and training quality. With VP Security Guards, you can rest assured that experienced, well-trained armed security guards are handling your security needs.

      • How does VP Security Guards combine excellent customer service, safety and security?

        VP Security Guards, committed to delivering exceptional security solutions, seamlessly blends top-notch customer service with robust safety measures. Recognizing the significance of professional, courteous, and helpful interactions, the company's armed guards undergo extensive training to surpass client expectations. Alongside security training, VP Security Guards' personnel receive specialized instruction in communication, conflict resolution, and de-escalation techniques. This customer-centric approach guarantees respectful and helpful encounters with clients and visitors. Management proactively assesses guards' performance, addressing concerns through regular site visits and comprehending clients' unique requirements. While armed security guard costs vary depending on contract length, location, and weekly hours, the company's reputation and guards' training take precedence. VP Security Guards appreciates the potential liabilities and dangers involved, ensuring the highest security and customer service levels.

      • How does VP Security Guards provide peace of mind through insurance?

        VP Security Guards prioritizes client peace of mind through comprehensive insurance policies, ensuring the company and its employees are protected. A general liability insurance policy, covering up to $1 million per occurrence and $2 million aggregate per year, safeguards against claims arising from property damage, bodily injury, or other incidents. Customers can also opt to be added as additional insureds, offering an extra layer of protection during security services. To guarantee employee safety, VP Security Guards maintains workers' compensation insurance with a $1 million limit, covering on-the-job injuries. Automobile insurance, also with a $1 million limit, covers incidents during employee commutes or while fulfilling job duties. The company accommodates specific insurance requirements, ensuring adequate coverage for assets, property, and security guards on the job site. In summary, VP Security Guards prioritizes client peace of mind by maintaining diverse insurance policies, offering comprehensive protection for customers and employees, and facilitating exceptional security services without concerns over unforeseen incidents.

      • How does VP Security Guards keep its armed security guards accountable?

        Accountability is paramount for exceptional armed security guard services, and VP Security Guards understands this. The company employs diverse strategies to ensure its guards remain accountable. State-of-the-art technology is instrumental to VP Security Guards' approach. The company provides armed guards with sophisticated equipment like mobile devices and GPS tracking systems, facilitating real-time communication with supervisors and colleagues. This technology ensures guards are conscious of their responsibilities and can address any security challenges swiftly. Regular supervisory visits further reinforce accountability. Supervisors frequently monitor on-site performance, verify adherence to security protocols, and offer feedback and coaching. These visits contribute to efficient and effective service. Additionally, VP Security Guards measures performance metrics, including response times, incident reports, and client feedback. These evaluations pinpoint areas for improvement or additional training and recognize outstanding performance. In essence, VP Security Guards prioritizes accountability, utilizing advanced technology, supervisory visits, and performance metrics to guarantee top-notch, customized security services for clients.

      • How do we background check our armed security guards?

        Trust and integrity are crucial in the security sector, especially for armed security guards. VP Security Guards diligently ensures its personnel embody these qualities. Initially, all armed security guards are state-licensed and subjected to rigorous FBI and DOJ background checks. However, VP Security Guards goes beyond these checks by conducting comprehensive reference and background investigations, confirming the guards' reliability, integrity, and commitment to law enforcement. Thanks to the rigorous selection process, VP Security Guards provides clients with trustworthy, dependable armed security guards. These guards possess the necessary skills, experience, and exemplary character, ensuring that clients' security needs are met by the most reliable and professional individuals in the industry.

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