Jewelry stores in Malibu are known for their high-end and expensive items, making them an attractive target for criminals. As such, it is crucial for these stores to take all necessary measures to protect their employees, customers, and merchandise. One crucial step they can take is hiring armed security guards to provide protection and ensure the safety of everyone in the store. In this article, we will explore the reasons why armed security guards are essential for jewelry stores in Malibu.

  • Deterrence

Armed security guards are a powerful deterrent to potential criminals. Criminals often target stores that they believe will be easy to rob without any resistance. However, the presence of an armed security guard can deter them from attempting a robbery. Armed guards send a clear message that the store takes security seriously and is prepared to take necessary measures to protect its assets.

  • Immediate Response

In the event of a robbery, an armed security guard can provide an immediate response. They are trained to react quickly in dangerous situations and can take appropriate action to protect the store and its employees. Without an armed guard on site, the store would have to rely on local law enforcement to respond, which could take valuable time. This delay could allow the criminals to escape with the merchandise or cause harm to the employees.

  • Protection of Employees and Customers

Jewelry store employees are often at risk of being attacked during a robbery. The presence of an armed security guard can help to protect them from harm. Armed guards are trained to use force when necessary to protect themselves and others. Additionally, armed guards can provide a sense of security to customers who may be worried about the safety of their purchases or their personal safety while in the store.

  • Prevention of Employee Theft

Employee theft is a significant concern for jewelry stores. According to the National Retail Federation, employee theft accounts for nearly 30% of all retail losses. An armed security guard can help to prevent employee theft by monitoring employees’ activities and intervening if necessary. Employees are less likely to steal if they know that there is an armed guard present who is actively watching for suspicious behavior.

  • Protection of Valuable Merchandise

Jewelry stores are full of valuable merchandise that can be easily stolen. Armed security guards can help to protect this merchandise by keeping a watchful eye on the store and its surroundings. They can also provide a secure escort for merchandise that needs to be transported from one location to another. This ensures that valuable merchandise is protected from theft or damage.

  • Emergency Response

Armed security guards are trained to respond to emergency situations, such as fires or medical emergencies. They can provide first aid or CPR if necessary and can also help to evacuate the store in the event of an emergency. Having an armed guard on site can provide peace of mind to employees and customers who may be worried about their safety during an emergency.

  • Legal Protection

In the event of a robbery, an armed security guard can help to protect the store from legal action. If a customer or employee is injured during a robbery, the store can be held liable for damages. However, if the store can prove that it took reasonable measures to protect its employees and customers, such as hiring an armed guard, it may be able to avoid legal action.


Jewelry stores in Malibu are at high risk of robbery due to the valuable merchandise they carry. Hiring armed security guards is an essential measure that stores can take to ensure the safety of their customers, employees, and merchandise. Armed security guards provide deterrence, immediate response, protection of employees and customers, prevention of employee theft, protection of valuable merchandise, emergency response, and legal protection. As such, armed security guards are essential for the safety and security of jewelry stores in Malibu.

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