In the last few years many superintendents and project managers in Texas have been convinced that security guards at construction sites are either obsolete or unnecessary. At the same time the rate of burglaries, theft and vandalism at construction sites in Texas has increased more than ever. Physical damage and the value of stolen equipment, materials, tools and lost time has increased by billions of dollars. At the same time construction companies are convinced that alarm systems and security cameras are the best way to secure their trailers and construction sites. Some companies in the Texas area will provide elaborate lighting and live feed of the site with night vision cameras. They also advertise motion detectors and many other technological gadgets to ensure the security of the property.

After the construction company hires these companies often there is a rude awakening because as security systems have improved over time, criminal perpetrators have become more sophisticated. It is extremely easy for them to bypass motion detectors, disable cameras and interrupt live internet feeds. Many companies in Texas provide security guards that sleep in trailers on the site. They will respond if the alarms or motion detectors are triggered. Our company has been called to replace such companies many times, because when the guard wakes up in the morning, he realizes that there has been a theft despite all the security equipment on site.


Alarm systems, motion detectors and camera systems make it easier for construction security guards to secure the site, but it does not replace them. There is professional burglars in each metropolitan area, such as in Texas, specialized in stealing from construction sites that are solely secured by security equipment. A professional thief will not approach a site that is secured by a vigilant, alert and visible security guard. The security guard patrolling the site will not only prevent crime from happening, but he can immediately respond if a perpetrator enters the site.

Competition and crisis in the construction industry requires project managers to save on all aspects of the construction. It is cheaper to employ alarm systems and security cameras than an actual construction security guard. Nevertheless, it is much more costly if the project is late, because equipment is stolen or the site is vandalized. Our company has witnessed many instances when all the computers have been stolen from the trailers or the site has been vandalized, because the construction company did not hire a construction security guard. A good security company will utilize all the technology mentioned above and work with you to minimize your cost while still keeping your budget in mind. Overall, the peace of mind and savings a construction security guard provides beat the mirage of security an unmanned security system provides.

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